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Being an Enabler can be just as dangerous as being enabled.

*WARNING*-tough subject such as addiction


Hello Guy Hello Girl To the grounded shy To the winded twirl You stand idly by While you curl With eyes opened why? Why give a whirl?

Why have eyes to see You're bending backwards Not seeing past me Only upside downwards Oh Enabler thee... How precious the awkward Situations not fitting Dealing anyway forward

My bad behavior Your blind sighted faith I'll get better Oh yes, Enabler, fake wraith You're an imaginator Pretty flowers in Braith You continue on director Direct me more I saith

I implore you control But, you don't have that Enabler, control is my role The Enabled, the long forgat Your fire for my alcohol Molotov in the quadrat Sweet poison like cyanidol My runaway realization scat

Alas, I recognize Because I am also you Seeing how I jeopardize Dear Enabler, I coo Then I romanticize Make light as if it's a boo-boo Our addiction I aestheticize My monologued voodoo

Enabler! Come off that high horse Fabler! You helped run my course Stop that jibber jabber No use to speak in Morse Fates intertwined rehabber This time win internal wars

The End

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