And remember it is not for us to choose who has a heart of stone!
A Shadow Priests Judgement {Fairy Tale} Meeting the Rock Gollem (12A) poem stories

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The shadow priest and the rock golem Outside the town of Ogresfield a town of harmony and unity. There is a place where the chaos magic rules. The Labyrinth of Ashgrail. Part of a collection of independent magic stories.

And remember it is not for us to choose who has a heart of stone!

A Shadow Priests Judgement {Fairy Tale} Meeting the Rock Gollem (12A)

The shadow priest and the rock golem

Outside the town of Ogresfield a town of harmony and unity. There is a place where the chaos magic rules. The Labyrinth of Ashgrail.

If, you go there voluntarily or succumb to its grasp by other means, regardless often it's a place where things aren't quite as they seem. A place where nightmares collide with dreams.

A place with hollowed screams echoing and sorrow at the breams. Yet in the sorrow sometimes manic happiness acts like the sun beams. Lifting life to the inanimate.

This is where the Shadow Priest met the Rock Gollem. A certainty of belief made the shadow priest solemn in new wisdom.

The Rock Gollem named Tristan. In pursuit of his humanity and the for the kingdom of Thornville to recognise his right to become a Priest.

You see some had the belief in Thornville and some even in Ogresfield that Rock Golems were not accepted as Spellcasters.

It seemed insane that a stone could be a source of philosophy and wisdom.

The Shadow Priest open to all forms of casting at first clashed with the Rock golem upon meeting, for his greeting was full of insular thinking.

Certainly, from the well of Jacob he had been drinking. Yet, he was not willing to listen to the guidance of others. As his beliefs as intransigent as stone.

Firm set as rock just like his immortal frame.

Yet our shadow priest respected him all the same.

You see this Rock Golem was able to smile despite his pain and sorrow he was able to bring the magic of light to those affected by the Chaos magic.

The labyrinth of Ashgrail truly is a place oh so tragic. People laugh and smile, cry as their sources of magic have been defiled.

They see in essence their mortality, they are driven mad by the fatality of other casters. Or they are victim to malevolent magic or chaos spells.

Each caster has a wisdom and a story to share though they sometimes just walk in silence.

Around and around, endlessly for weeks on end. The labyrinth itself can send you into a daze of chaos not unlike the chaos spells that drag you there.

The longer you spend there the more likely it is that you have to spend time in a Shadow refuge after you finally are set free.

And the more terrifying element is that once you enter the shadow magic ensnares you, at any moment that the chaos magic overwhelms you,

you are transported to the Labyrinth of Ashgrail or sometimes places of even worse severity.

Yet, it is not time to talk about the darkness of the dungeons of Beastly. Ghastly places where there are only feint traces of smiles due to the fact that chaos magic is secured.

Yet ultimately these places are pure, though sometimes they can be a place where malevolence dwells and dark desire procures.

This is why the Shadow Priest found the Rock golem so delightfully endearing. Despite the reasons that were steering him into the light and priest hood.

The fact that he was merely a rock Gollem. Was never a reason to despise for a caster from Ogresfield and so he was instantaneously accepted in the heart.

That is why when he departed from the labyrinth of Ashgrail our Shadow Priest did know that once again their paths would flow into one another.

For despite this rock golem being merely stone he was a brother to him now betrothed.

You see the frightening thing about the Labrynth of Ashgrail and other places where casters can be interned is that you can see the exit but still it is not discerned that you may

not leave until the chaos magic is under control.

The curse of Chaos magic is usually something that is done to a person not that the person does to another.

That is that malevolent casters commit chaos spells upon the victim.

Leaving an inscription of darkness upon their soul.

Life itself takes it's toll.

Yet, sometimes at the perfect moment serenity is obtained and they are able to hold it for a flickering moment sometimes. That allows them to control the curse of chaos magic placed upon them.

And then the gates are opened by the fauns that serve in the Labyrinth.

The sorrowful thing is most fauns are there so that they can open the gates, yet the chaos magic makes the ensnared caster confused and beguiled by frustration.

The fauns are ultimately powerless.

For it is perception of the Labyrinth's King that rules.

And it is the perception of the light within that stops the gates opening.

For these casters are broken within.

And the labyrinth serves more of a purpose than simply a place to escape from.

It's a place where those affected by chaos magic can begin their journey to release the shackles of malevolent memories. And once again walk in the light or at least the shadows.

The longer they spend trying to escape the labrynth.

The longer they do not spend time escaping the chaos curse that brought them there.

The Rock Golem despite being a man made of stone was one that brought the light.

So, one proverb placed carefully in his mouth.

Brought about a substantial change, he realised under the Supreme Caster we are all equal.

His dream a nightmare no longer the Shadow priest was free!

Some time passed after they escaped the labyrinth.

They met up once more and from that moment they welcomed each other at the door of each other's hearts.

The shadow priest wishing he had never judged him at the start though his veneer as rough as rock.

He was still worthy to be a Shadowpriest. Because pain and joy in his life had been stocked.

For many years the Shadow Priest did not disclose that he was a demon hunter ad expressed his maternal energy that was in turn misinterpreted.

Until one fateful night, that another Rock Golem attempted to end his life.

You see rock golems usually insist on declaring dominance.

Being born from mountains all they want to do is stand tall.

And so our Rock Gollem was seated speaking words of peace. When all of a sudden the other golem released his rage and began smashing at his skull of stone.

At that moment the Shadow Priest entered the Shadow Zone.

Yet this time he felt the light magic lift him has flew across the courtyard of the tavern.

And declared you Rock golem are from ney mountain but a cavern.

No one there expected a shadow priest to take on a Rock Gollem.

There was no way that he was going to take the life of Tristan one more blow could have been fatal.

And so the shadow priest used 3 defence spells. Rebutting the fierce attacks and might of this oversized malevolent rock golem.

Eventually the shadow priest lost his temper and began to release casts upon his face.

How dare he try to take the life of Tristan he thought.

So, the shadow zone became dark he energised a fatal spell, his nemesis dizzy and entranced.

Then a cry from the onlooking crowd from a Elf that said "he is not worth it".

In that moment the Shadow Priest realised what he had become.

And the Shadow zone returned. He committed a vanishing spell.

And the gates of darkness were locked.

With our Shadow Priest looking out at the Rock golem he wondered which side is he on.

He returned to the side of Tristan.

And tears for the first time fell across his Stoney face.

This simple golem just could not conceive why someone would attack unprovoked.

He didn't know that some malevolent beings are of demons yolk.

Our Shadow Priest knew it was not over he walked solemnly to the other side of the courtyard.

There stood the Rock Golems master. A malevolant caster. Whispering words of hatred into the ears of the simple golem who was at the other side of the gate.

They shared a vision under the moonlight. The malevolent caster took his leave.

No one in the crowd could see. That sometimes people can lead others into the darkness.

They never see the puppet master. They simply punish the rock golem for seeming inhuman.

And that night the Shadow Priest realised that Protection can drive you into malevolence.

Without that elfs cry reminding the shadow priest of the malevolent rock golems dignity.

He may have cast away the Golem, but he would have lost the serenity that makes him solemn.

And remember it is not for us to choose who has a heart of stone!

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