The Plague of the Shadow Priests mind {Fairy tale} Wisdom Inherited (12A)
The Plague of the Shadow Priests mind {Fairy tale} Wisdom Inherited (12A) story stories

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Welcome back Caster I trust you have been using your abilities for good. Remember all casters are of the same clay lifted from the mud. I was not sure if you would return for this story as the fire burns. I want you to remember that the innocence of childhood is sacred and above all this is what we seek to protect.

The Plague of the Shadow Priests mind {Fairy tale} Wisdom Inherited (12A)

Welcome back Caster I trust you have been using your abilities for good. Remember all casters are of the same clay lifted from the mud.

I was not sure if you would return for this story as the fire burns. I want you to remember that the innocence of childhood is sacred and above all this is what we seek to protect.

We do not defect from our mission to slay demons yet still we must see them as once mortal beings.

A part of creation just like you and I. to forget this truly defies the essence of the light. Although today aside firelight we are going to discuss something that we must.

The undefeatable demon's disease and distrust.

You see the Shadow Priest had his father expelled from his life sometime before this story is set.

And before we think he is the source of shadows lest you forget we do ney judge. It is simple the reason that his father was expelled. Is that he was displaced.

There is always a place in his heart for his Father and his Fathers grace. A great man who in Thornville fought for gender equality.

In Thornville women have paternity rights to the children.

And so, the laws were manipulated by a woman scorn whom even stipulated that on those Sundays he went to church and delivered scrolls at dawn was no longer allowed.

Locked him in his chamber for over a month and didn't let him out. The good news is over time she transformed into a good person once more! Mostly.

For those who don't have a father present it is in essence infuriating that a mother would force her children to no longer see their father.

And a level of anger for this reason is still harboured In the heart of the Shadow Priest.

These shadows face to defeat when he remembers the people he has met and greeted. Whom have no Father and were seated in his arms.

Speaking of the loneliness the anguish and the qualms of an absent father.

And how he was rather able to connect with them just a fraction as he too was absent of a fathers interaction at a formative age.

So, don't let it enrage you, though it should remind you that sometimes men and women bicker and children become items to be used as tools in their bickering.

So as the flames are flickering and spitting.

Take heed this story is not about that creed,

its merely a setting we need to understand how the following tale would impede upon his psyche and incite he to remember the power of paternal energy.

There he was in the northern lands of Thornville a formative age, slightly enraged.

By, the injustice he faced daily, constant psychological abuse from the wicked step-father who notably transfigured into a good man later down the line.

Yet it would not be in the youths time. And with merit he never lifted a fist so I must insist that though the life was not one of bliss he certainly is not one who the devil kissed.

Yet suicide was still attempted by the youths because to the notion of love he was obtuse. And the mother cared not of this noose just the golden eggs laid by a goose.

The shadow priest sick of the psychological games the physical abuse from the step siblings. Left them and began walking not realising something rather humorous.

That he was about to climb the tallest mountain in Thornville.

Without anything except an energy drink and human kindness.

He started off on his ascent hell bent to jump from the top, by the time he rocked on up to the snow filled plains he would never again feel the same i.e.

let the misery and pain inflicted by another be the reason to stop his duty as brethren and brother.

Though this time he did not wield a knife to his gut he wanted to end the rut by falling from thee mountain side.

And so, you can imagine with everything else that has happened in the tales of the shadow priest that there were many reasons and this one, one of the least.

If you caster have been here before and listened aside the fire if not then caster you should no that in the shadow priests life misery has been attired.

So, he wandered he didn't meander he intended to see and gander upon the northern lands of Thornville eagerly.

Besieging he was the kindness he would see. As, he walked he was not the only person climbing this notorious mountain. The kindness and joyous human interaction he would see unsurmountable.

He had no food they fed him. He was alone they spent time talking with him. Everyone that he met as he sped up the mountain.

Yet there was one family an amazing unit. That would attune his fit of sadness to one of everlasting strength. And he would go at great lengths to honour the message of one man.

Whose paternal energy can certainly be adored as something magnificent. The strange thing is they were too from a village with a similar name. Under our majesty reign in Thornville.

With equality in their heart and soul.

What he was told was so saddening the mother and father had within them the power and strength to go to great lengths to ensure their niece was never loved the least.

That she remained in a family home. And was not cast into the foster care system by the grappling chaos of cancer.

Even the caster can be victim to this horrid disease literally no one is immune to the possibility.

No one has immortality and invulnerability.

But one thing you can be invulnerable to is being a wicked parent and letting malevolence overwhelm you.

So, as I walked with them he said I never wanted to bid adieu, both my children need me this is true... I have Cancer like my brother in law did and I ney know what to do.

He said as they scuttled ahead of the family to have a man to man conversation.

All the while all still happy in the elation that the shadow priest was totally unaware that he was climbing the biggest mountain in the land of Thornville.

They spoke for a long while and the father even jokingly betrothed his daughter to the Shadow priest.

Though it was a joke so please don't hinder the story with your hatred I implore thee.

The father asked of who the shadow priest was what drives him and what is his cause.

And with mighty roars of emotion they tackled some deep philosophical notions.

The Father was afraid of what was next not for he but for them. How his death and the mothers could condemn them to a life without their parents.

There was a moment of clairvoyance.

The father heard the story of how the Shadow Priest was cleaved of his father yet retained the memory of his kindness and the charismatic rhetoric that he gifted him.

The Shadow Priest heard about how someone can love a child who was not their own by blood as if they were their own.

How they could put a brave smile on their faces even when chilled to the bone and victims of cancers demise. And there is so much more wisdom to make you wise.

Howeveer it would convolute the message of which he never wanted me to refute.

You can be a parent even if you are not a father or mother.

He looked the man in his eyes and picked up a seed from the floor said this is your message and I will carry it forever more.

The mother too had words to say that story is for another day. She reiterated every word that he did say.

So, caster aside the fire do you understand the power of paternal energy can you feel the raw sense of emotion how it can invigorate you.

How it can face all feelings that are blue to be driven out of you.

For the sake of another we must always strive to see the light and survive!

They parted ways after a while and the caster reached the snow fields.

Realising it was too dangerous to continue in sandals and that the hours were running thin he set off back on his journey down the mountain side.

Though he did something rather foolish and almost died.

He used the grass on th mountain side

As a slide and slithered down

Never do that he hit the ground.

He was lucky he should not have been so plucky.

Though he thought I was gonna jump now am gonna slide and ride till I die!

He crashed into the side of a burrow and a badger chased him up the hill. He walked down the rest of the hill on the path.

He looks back and laughs but it really is not safe to do that in that place.

When he reaches the mountain base his crystal orb magic begins to reconnects to the ether.

He wonders where they are and if they ever cared that he walked away.

They'd gone to a restaurant to eat.

So, they said you left by foot so make your way here with those feet.

So, in the meantime he thought it's a mighty fine time to swim in the lake. He got naked and swam to the middle and shouted I am alive.

Swam back and ran through the fields he was starving and there was a restaurant that was to yield great splendorous puddings.

On the way he was accompanied by wolves where they came from, he doesn't know but as he ran,

and the wind did blow in his hair and against his face he knew that life was worth living for the grace of innocence.

He arrived and though the psychological abuse didn't face desistence he would always wear smile because he knew that somewhere there's a father all the while.

He returned to Ogresfield planted the seed aside the temple of Oldgrail.

Walked away and never again would the memory of the feeling subside he knew what it was to be alive!

His sorrow died in a cancer victims eyes.

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