The Ice Mage {Fairy Tale} The Patience of the Shaman of Shade(12A)
The Ice Mage {Fairy Tale} The Patience of the Shaman of Shade(12A) poem stories
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The Shadow Priest and the Ice Mage Welcome back young caster and to ye who has never joined me aside the fire welcome to you. A crucial message that is hard to describe.

The Ice Mage {Fairy Tale} The Patience of the Shaman of Shade(12A)

The Shadow Priest and the Ice Mage

Welcome back young caster and to ye who has never joined me aside the fire welcome to you. Salutations from the land of Thornville.

Hear we tell tales of Shadow Magic and that of a Priest from a town named Ogresfield. A town were all casters are equal in value even the necromancer is accepted.

The story is neither one about Ogresfield nor one about the Labyrinth of Ashgrail nor one even about the Northern lands of Thornville.

This story is about the City of Lessercaster. Not unlike Ogresfield it was a city of peace and unity among all casters. Wizards hand in hand with witch and priest alike.

There are many more tales to tell of lessercaster some with more aspects of darkness some with more aspects of light.

In fact this city of lessercaster is where the Shadow priest found the end to endless night. Something he believed was never in his grasp nor sight.

However, this tale is a short one, for not long until the moon is gone. And you must soon sleep. And I hope that despite the darkness in this tale you do not weep.

But as always there is a message to beseech of how the Shadowpriest keeps the darkness at bay.

You see in the city of Lessercaster unlike the town of Ogresfield the casters were far more liberal with their romantic love. Something that Ogresfield had not yet achieved culturally.

Yet the beauty of this ideal was butchered one day, when the Young Shadow Priest went meandering for a stroll with the Shaman of shade and the Icemage.

There intention was to spend time frolicking the meadows and seeking herbs for their potions and generally just sharing time and wisdom of one another's lives.

The Ice mage from a different background a different kind of town. One where it was ok to look down upon another caster.

The Icemage was a fearless character at the College. He would risk all often dancing on thin ice, ensuing in battles of risk and determination. Yet on land this time he was absent of innovation.

You see as the three left the dorm the shadow priest, the Shaman of Shade and the Ice mage.

Outside the gates were too Necromancers one male and one female.

There were screams and both did wale. The male was casting against her with ferocious spells.

The Shadow priest and the Shaman of shade knew that if it continued that only pain and death would be felled.

That this incident of terror had to be quelled.

Yet, the Ice mage with the upmost of irony was frozen still wrapped in fear.

Despite his large bull like size, his prowess and strength in combat he was rendered weak at the knees and had tears in his eyes.

Yet, there was no time, the Male necromancer was bashing down her protection spell. Her pain on her face was seen and heard as she did yell.

The two stormed to her side and said "have you no pride".

They knew from previous experience that to attack him would only provoke the other necromancer in to possessive and dangerous rage.

You see when someone spends so much time with someone, they think they love and are loved by. They despite being victim to malevolent magic would die for them.

Even though the behaviour they are treated with if it were done to another they would condemn.

The Shaman and Priest an unlikely duo, said you fool. Do you know what you do?

They crossed there arms and began casting a defence spell around the female necromancer.

All the while people riding wolves just passed by, pedestrians were not questioning why? Fearful that they too may face the necromancer and die.

Then a pack of wolves with Earthmages stopped to ask if everything was ok.

Hate spewed out of the Necromancers lips. And that's when the ShadowPriest warned that he would let rip...

The anger boiled inside the Shadowpriest and too the Shaman of Shade. Too many times had they seen this kind misbehave.

It was not that he was a necromancer it was the fact he abused his position of power.

So, the endless patience of our Shadowpriest dried thin.

Suddenly the light of the sun dimmed. And crackling clouds adorned the sky. The shadow magic in synergy with nature up high. If the necromancer didn't run he would surely die.

The rain beated down upon all four. Enough now the Shaman of shade implored.

The Necromancer stopped beating her!

And stared into the eyes of the Shadow Priest trying to beguile him with a chaos spell.

Although it was completely ineffective by Now our shadow priest had seen so much carnage and pain that he did not even wince.

And the rain rinsed down. Suddenly the necromancer shed his outer armour trying to cast a spell on the Shaman of shade.

The shaman of shade turned to the Shadow Priest and said "Can I kill this one."

In a flash the necromancer was gone.

Not by magic it was rather tragic, he was scutlling up the hill in fear knowing the rat he was for abusing his power.

The terrifying thing was the necromancer on the floor the beaten the one that almost entered deaths door.

Was so entranced by the other Necromancer that she screamed, without your armour the rain will burn your skin!

She despite the beating still believed that she loved him.

The necromancer let out a mighty laughter and began to return. Thinking that together they would make the shaman of shade and the shadow priest burn.

Then the shadow priest yelled. You are no Caster.

And the Shaman of the Shade glowed and fled into the sky and lightning striked all around the shadow priest.

The necromancer fell to the floor in fear, turned and continued for the horizon.

All the while knowing he was the most despised one.

They returned to the Lady necromancer.

And reminded of her pride.

And said you deserve a dutiful love at your side.

Why for his name do you cry?

I love him she sighed.

He ney love you said the Shadow Priest

The shadow mage continued the dialogue for some time

Taught that love is not vengeance it is something benign.

And then the Shadow Priest turned and said

If, it was your sister who faced the pain of this relationship would you then be so quick to defend his malevolent behaviour.

That moment made her!

They used the Crystal orb and called her covenant and they were thanked.

As, they walked into the meadow the storm continued to brood.

The Ice Mage no longer frozen in fear. Drawing closer and near hiding his tears.

The Shaman turned and said the 'life energy is in a rage'

They opened a book and turned to the page of optimism and beauty.

They prayed to the life force to quell its anger.

The sun once more adorned the sky and rainbows glistened up high.

The Ice mage said

My brother he is a victim to chaos magic. He too a victim of the abuse of power though of a different kind.

I'm sorry that I did bind you in my mind as people of sin.

Now, you have a place within my heart.

I view you unlike I did at the start.

So, young casters what should we learn. It's not a simple one to discern. Sometimes the enemy is hard to be seen for what they truly are.

And it is only right to interrupt when it goes too far...! For the power of impression is tied with suppression. Know your battle! Know when to walk away!

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