The Eclipse of the Demon hunter {Shadow Priest} (12A) The Enchanted Beasts
The Eclipse of the Demon hunter {Shadow Priest} (12A) The Enchanted Beasts ogresfield stories
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Welcome back young caster, salutations to the casters you have brought. Prepare yourself for a turbulent tale. That had many wailing in terror and disbelief. Stories never end well for the Shadow Priest, that is something we have learnt from the many tales of Thornville.

The Eclipse of the Demon hunter {Shadow Priest} (12A) The Enchanted Beasts

Welcome back young caster, salutations to the casters you have brought. Prepare yourself for a turbulent tale. That had many wailing in terror and disbelief.

Stories never end well for the Shadow Priest, that is something we have learnt from the many tales of Thornville.

The tale commences many years before aside an old steam train. It was the day of the solar eclipse. A sight that would bewilder all the Shadow Priest was a mere child.

There in there was happy memories though diluted by misery of malevolent magic. Nonetheless happy memories.

To acquire the princess's, kiss a cursed woman who had lost he king to the Demon Shaman many years before, there was the task of three beasts.

This task was set by the Demon Shaman whom was at this time trapped in Ashgrail the maze of torment.

Nonetheless his malevolent magic was still able to ensnare the Princess as the sorrow of the death of the king was enough to allow the malevolence to retain it's hold.

You see young caster with sorrow comes a fragility to malevolence and chaos magic.

You can either be driven to cast these horrific spells or be forever tormented by them even if you are not transported to Ashgrail the chaos magic can be superfluous on your psyche.

This princess was plagued by memories and though in the diligent guardianship of the queen now regent this young princess was still tarnished with memories and unable to see the light magic

and restore her soul energy.

The first beast unlike you may expect was not a question of hunting or slaughter it was a question of healing and restoration. The iridescent phoenix with a tail like that of a peacocks plume.

Except the colours were even more magnificent an array of reds and gold.

Many years before in the times of gorygorian era when hunting of protected beasts was allowed these phoenix were hunted for their plumes and delicious meat.

The practice continued into the years of enlightenment though illegal.

This Plumed Phoenix is a monogamous beast and had sang and waddled alongside its mate for a thousand years. Coddling their necks at every opportunity.

Until one day members of the High Shaman cult began an illegal hunt.

They gathered silver and made enchanted arrows using spells of ice and mist.

And without any risk to them they condemned the male to death with one swift blow when the two Plumed phoenix were serenading each other beneath the cherry blossom.

The Phoenix that was left was the only female in the whole of Thornville by the time our shadow priest arrived.

A quaint old farm was the site of this miracle for millennia the family had protected the species in Thornville. Yet poachers continued with their menacing selfishness.

As, our Shadow Priest rested aside the old barn wondering what to do with his day in this foreign village.

A young druid named Jane arrived and asked him to assist in her plight to entice the phoenix to a new mate.

He retorted "I know nothing of this beast how would I know what to do?"

Jane replied "There is a love inside of us all that can glisten and remind those who have lost it all, we simply sing."

For the entire week he was there the shadow priest followed the two phoenix as the male attempted to entice the female to love.

They sang their respective folk songs and on the 12th day the druid and the Shadow Priest finally harmonised having spent a great amount of time discussing their visions of what love is.

There kindrid friendship engulfed the phoenix whom unbeknown to them understood the language of Thornville. Or at least our shadow priest likes to think.

The folk song of Ogresfield and Devonia serenaded the valley aside the river rushes the two flightless plumed phoenix's eyes finally met and began to glow.

Embers that were like petals flickered from their plumes and the female shed her plume. Finally, the plume was once again a gold and red.

The old plume with a strike of gold across it, pure enchanted gold.

As, a reward the druids offered one of the shed gold streaked plumes to the young shadow priest. Yet they proclaimed that it was worth 1000 pieces of silver.

The cost of a frost Lynx or a premium cauldron.

The shadow priest did not sell the feather instead he presented it to the princess at the spring gala. Discussing the tale with the upmost of glamorisation and romantic character.

The gold illuminated as he spoke of it, her eyes glowed like the phoenix's did. The Princess' eyes returned from black to hazel.

The shadow priest knew it was not yet over he had to acquire the tooth of a Baabear.

He knew they lived in the forest near the grove and so set his sights packing a lunch and two elixer's of restoration.

The baabear was said to be fierce though not large enough to kill an adult our shadow priest was still a mere boy.

He climbed the cliff clenching each rock with certitude until he clambered and found the cavern. He had learnt a lot from the druid about the nature of beasts and was ready for the challenge.

He lifted a Rose apple from his bag and placed it outside the cavern. Not even an adult would enter a Baabears cavern. And be aware caster, never confront these beasts in their cavern.

There is not a caster who has survived when having entered the Baabear cavern.

So, he waited then came dusk and the Baabear limped out of the cavern.

The shadow priest thought for a moment and recalled the hunters that devastated the phoenix and chose to not kill the Baabear instead he tended to the Baabears wound.

And to his delight there was another Baabear tooth lodged in it's thigh. He rinsed the blood and gave the Baabear an elixir.

From that day on the Baabear was visited twice weekly and they would even play together. A memory that only a scarce few may say they have.

He presented the tooth to the princess and all the children marvelled at his might.

Next was the dragon, an emerald beast with scales as thick as the earths mantle. This time he escorted the princess to the quest along with his chums.

For the solar eclipse was nigh and he had but fleeting moments.

As, the moon closed in on the suns vision there was little time to daudle and battling the dragon could take hours.

So, instead he remembered the folk song of Devonia and whispered it gently whilst playing the ocarina he had acquired from his elders.

He knew only one melody yet it seemed to be befitting as the Dragon relaxed its neck down.

To the surprise of the many he climbed into the gut and instead of slaying the dragon he stole one of the three hearts and dropped the second elixir into the stomach.

Clambered out and presented the fire heart. The dragon was unable to be enraged nor cast fire without it and retreated into its cavern.

The lunar eclipse began and the princess' hair turned from white to an iridescent purple when she touched the fire heart.

"You have won the heart of the Dragon and of I, oh, you the young priest she proclaimed.

The two embraced under the day of night and the stars were for the first time seen in the day by these merry young band of fellows.

The light of the moon glistened upon them and the corona encircling the moon was a merry vibrant colour.

The princess was restored.

To be continued...

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