Thank you Lolly pop lady - Free form Poem
Thank you Lolly pop lady - Free form Poem road safety stories
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This is based on a true story of a boy who was hit by a car and the lollypop lady who lived across the road watched over him while he played every day from her window.

Lolly pop People in Britain are people who help children cross the road safely on the way to school.

They are unsung heroes of road safety.

So much so that there are no photos available of them on commaful.

Thank you Lolly pop lady - Free form Poem

Here presence and her smile so pure.

That is why I wrote this free form ode to the lollypop people on the road

The lolly pop lady wasn't located at the location

She was placed at a different road not on vacation

The car collided with my hip made me bloody and impaled with road grit

Made it painful to stand, walk and sit

The lolly pop lady was kind and sweet

Gentle to every pupil she did meet

Crossing them kindly as she did greet

Though on this road it was me and my lonely feet

Aside the school the roadside lay bare I was late for school and I thought no one was there.

Look both ways and never dare to play in the road without a care.

I almost reached Heavens stairs

I was lucky and not so plucky after the car hit me

The lolly pop lady was kind and sweet

She lived across the road just from my abode

Her pleasant smile all the while when I played by the road

Helped me feel safe outside my abode

Everyday she would wave as I played even when I misbehaved

She would smile and give a wave

To let me know that I am safe

My fear of cars and roads soon subsided

Because that lolly pop lady decided

To watch over me every day from the window of her home

I hope she did not seek to atone

But on a pedestal, she Is to be

Because she watched over me

Perhaps she felt that she owed it to me

Felt responsible in some way that she had to repay

Like I said it was not her jurisdiction on that road

Yet she had conviction at her abode.

Diligently watching over me

With a smile and a cup of tea

This set me free

From the fear that would have been.

I want to take this chance to express my gratitude

For her work ethic and her attitude

And sing the praise of all the Lollypop ladies and men

That all the kid's road safety depends.

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