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I have created some spoken word forms of my poetry on commaful: https://www.youtube.com/c...

Spoken word now available

I have created some spoken word forms of my poetry on commaful.

Im concerned that my accent may be intimidating as I am northern English,

These videos will in time have a backing track. If you have time please check it out and maybe I can see what you think in the comments below...

See the link in the caption below I often wonder how different poems can be received when spoken. so heres your chance to hear my Yorkshire accent.

Here's a short poem about my accent and my concern of reception.

Do you hear me speak beneath the silence?

My accent makes me sound like I’m full of violence

Northern husky firm and deep

Listen to the words please don’t weep

The tenderness in my heart I want to beseech

Have the words echoed yet you’re out of reach.

And at the very least you can appreciate my dialect

At least that’s what I might find in retrospect.

As I speak an eclectic mix of spoken word

Think how these lyrics sound different once they are heard.

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