Shelter of the Shadow Priest {Fairy Tale} A Peaceful Beginning (12A)
Shelter of the Shadow Priest {Fairy Tale} A Peaceful Beginning (12A) poem stories

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Welcome back caster by now we are well on our way to understanding the way of the Shadow Priest and how he is able to balance the light and the darkness of his world. (independent story) Serial How he is able to revel in the joy of light yet stay firmly grounded in the realism of a world so cruel and malicious.

Shelter of the Shadow Priest {Fairy Tale} A Peaceful Beginning (12A)

Welcome back caster by now we are well on our way to understanding the way of the Shadow Priest and how he is able to balance the light and the darkness of his world.

How he is able to revel in the joy of light yet stay firmly grounded in the realism of a world so cruel and malicious. Despite having seen great acts of malevolence he his eyes have too bared joy.

You see our Shadow Priest has always been superstitious. Questioning and wondering what more there is to life. What there is here in existence that teaches us about the next life.

This story is about persistence.

The shadow priest was unlike his parents he often felt that he didn't belong. All they would do was bicker and fight all day long casting verbal spells of a spritely manner.

It was a drain on everyones mana. Although, he was thankful for them all the same.

In fact, there was one thing that was very different between he and his parents he was curious about the Supremecaster they were set in closed mindedness.

They could only think that Alchemy had designed us, not due to some fanciful notion of philosophy and alchemy. The fact was they knew the world was one warped by malevolent magic.

There was no arrogant beliefs it was simply that how could there be a Supremecaster when there was violence rife, poverty and strife.

Yet, our shadow priest at this time a very young age was enrolled at the South Crestland Covenant of Thornsville academy at this time.

A School that housed many kinds of casters and casts of all forms were celebrated. All the sacred rights of each caster was respected and celebrated.

It was a beautiful time, though there was some darkness that lurked there. Although that is a different tale.

So, there were many goblets and grails, cauldrons and more relics of many kinds tales from all over the world were shared. All casters joined in prayer.

Not only this, our young shadow priest was given special tutelage prior to the time of joining the academies by his guardians.

They were firm believers in the power of light magic and the prince of peace.

So, at least you could say our Shadow Priest was well prepared for the events that would follow.

There was one fateful day when our shadow priest was late for the assembly one in which he was due to be speaking.

You see he was one of the most talented mages at this time in the whole of Southcrestland Covenant of Thornville academy.

He was not yet anointed in the oils of priesthood yet as his folks would not allow him to receive the 7 blessings of the thorne.

Although, as we know by now our beloved Shadow priest had heard the calling of a world unjust and had a faith in the supremecaster.

After school he was secretly a priest in training even serenading the Supremecaster in worship rituals.

His parent payed little attention to he as they were always sadly in the pursuit of gold.

And in the late evenings he frolicked in the forest with the creatures and the occasional goblin attack. Which merely served to make him stronger.

He was attuned with nature supporting habitats of the ecology of the forest. He saw himself as the guardian of the woodland meadow.

And whenever storms did blow, he would be the first there to take care of the damaged nests and burrows.

You see you may have heard me before when I mentioned that in Ogresfield people ride wolves well that is not the only mode of transport some ride armoured boar.

And on that day that he was late he attempted cross the cobble path with great haste, the boar laid his body to waste.

He had a taste of death. His life flashed before his eyes. Blood dripped from his ears, knees hips and his torso.

He could barely speak with his lips. When he was downed in the road all he could speak of was the supremecasters abode and the insignificance of the casters life as if we were ants.

Yet something beautiful came from it as he was drawing light breaths and speaking as the Healer was attempting to restore him.

The fact that though ants are insignificant alone as one they form a colony that can achieve great feats.

After the incident with the armoured boar he was rendered unable to move well for sometime he was only in the Royal infirmary for a short time.

However in which time he saw the mark of death as two people in the beds aside him passed. One old and one young. And that's when he was inspired to make the joy of life sung.

It was some time until he was able to stand and walk up staircases, hills and then swim again.

It was a far longer time until he truly recovered, and he still bares scars from the armoured boar to this day.

His bones slightly warped due to the fact they were malleable.

The Healer told him that the probability of being hit at the angle he was,

was 1 in 10000 that he should have died and that it was the definition of a miracle the two healers argued that the infirmary was no place to declare miracles.

So, our Shadow priest simply said as I have faith in the supreme caster I can construe that this is not luck but a miracle.

He never forgot that moment.

For a long time after the mere sight or smell of a armoured boar made him vomit he was affected by a chaos magic during his flash backs when he collided with the boar.

Furthermore, he had the most dreadful headaches for almost a decade and whenever he had battled those same headaches return for the entirety of his life.

His temporal lobe swells, and his eyes burn with liquid that drops to the floor and singes whatever it touches.

For half a decade after the incident he was only able to play in the forest in the shadows of the great oaks. So, for this reason with nature he became further enthralled and yoked.

You see the Shadow Priest had a deeper understanding of the beauty of the shadows than most. He knew from a young age it depended what casts the shadow.

It was not unnoticed by the natural animals and even the animal spirits. His continual efforts in the woodland. His uncle an infamous herbologist taught him a great deal.

Of how to care for nature.

So, he persevered with these pains, his warped hip his warped skull, his headaches and corrosive tears.

He soon realised the true essence of fear as he would sometimes just drift out of consciousness never sharing or complaining about his pain just happy to have his life energy.

To fund his love of extra-curricular magic he began working delivering the Sunday Scrolls.

That's when the Shadow Priest who anointed him first noticed him.

He would watch our shadow priest drag a pile of scrolls twice the size of he up the hill and occasionally feint.

When ever he did the Elder Shadow Priest would give him a healing potion made of dandelion flower and burdock root. A favourite of the people of Ogresfield.

One day he demanded that the Shadow Priest tell his parents of the pain he was in and that he would have these losses of consciousness

He replied "It would depreciate the miracle"

The Priest nodded and said well then boy stand up and pull those scrolls up the hill!

Our young shadow priest staggered to his feet and persevered.

Yet, there was something that leered from the bushes.

You see our young shadow priest believed that the scrolls should be delivered before sunrise so that they could be read with the first light of day the purest light.

A demon came bounding out of the bushes and staggered towards our shadowpriest. The Elder shadow priest no where to be seen.

Our shadow priest had been through it all and was prepared to fall.

Then in a bounding flash of light the demon ran in fright. The Elder Shadow Priest standing over our shadow priest breathing heavy.

They both sighed and just one time out of the hundreds of Sundays our shadow priest let the elder priest assist with the delivery of the scrolls.

You see you are often told that elder priests are rough and bold to sin. That they too have demons within.

Yet our Shadow Priest learnt at a young age to do away with the lies that the world fed him.

If someone truly believes in the supremecaster, it invigorates the paternal and maternal nature. It empowers the soul magic. Doubt in what is pure is a tragic phenomenon in the world today.

In Ogresfield in Neverthorn our shadow priest learnt the lesson as a boy of perseverance, miracles and respect.

And importantly faith not only in the Supreme caster but also in the subjects of the supreme caster.

His journey to the light of the Supreme caster was yet to be complete yet he could see the dignity in how the supremecasters subject treat one another.

Yet, my friend listening to me aside the fire alas do not forget a malevolent goblins stench. For without a doubt they too lurk where the soul energy is strongest feeding on the innocence.

Never have ignorance to the evil that can be yet never be blind to the goodness that you see. And never let the Demon breathe.

Never Judge

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