Gaias Memoire - Collaborative - Enviorment Dystopian Poem-
Gaias Memoire - Collaborative - Enviorment Dystopian Poem- dystopian stories

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You have claimed Gaea's flesh your home. Watered Her bones with...
Collaborative @Fried chicken @Jemise78
@cocoa @eryck @zacharymartinwe @lovedeanthomas @usagi @soothrain

Gaias Memoire - Collaborative - Enviorment Dystopian Poem-

You have claimed Gaea's flesh your home.

Watered Her bones with

The blood of your own.

Celebrating destruction:

Mine, mine, more.

When the glaciers weep

And flare hungers for skin, Although Mother Earth

Won't sing as

She feeds your children:

"Only one person won't make

A difference"

Sorry's just muttering

Volatile in between smog's viscera; Every filthy molecule of your remains

Contort inside maggots, shrieking. For you know you are guilty. @Fried chicken

Giraffes now have been added to the extinction list

In Africa giraffes are being killed for their TAILS ALONE

Rage and violence is not necessary for the worlds animals

A punishment should be put in place for the poachers

Facebook is posting these of the killings, WTH?

First ever World Giraffe Day was 6/21/2014

Earth was made to protect all these beautiful animals not destroy @Jemise78

The Universe has rules

willful destruction of a planet is akin

to murder

good souls migrate to another world

planet destroyers stay with the dead world

they created @cocoa

And so it continues...

" Concepts like environmental protection and global warming are all- earth encompassing problems way to big for me to solve or even wrap my head around as I greed, I mean work,

my way to financial success. I have to go now, I have a business meeting".

....and continues, and continues @eryck

The slave that was once a friend,

Works on with increased toiling

In the attempt to defend

Its cruel masters from the boiling

Caused by the whip

Of hedonistic desire


G20 statement still unsigned

Mr. President do something useful

Crumpled up dreams thrown into....

"Make sure to recycle."

Like that will make a difference @lovedeanthomas

And from his first breath, man began to take.

He nursed an ego nurtured by the

teat of the Mother, borrowed strength

from fertile ground, stole intellect

from streams who whispered wisdoms.

Gaia, our Earth mother, raised man,

who was quick to turn his back on her @usagi

The earth usurps us

When it has taken too much

Harsh weather erupts

Will we ever stave the end

On the environment life depends

The mother, still nurtures,

a beast in sheep,

even her wrath, not capable of containing it so,

she lies forlorn in dormancy,

fearing, to what has she given birth.

Nailing she sees them on her flesh,

as quietly she endures. @soothrain

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