Charles Darwin is Not your Hero nor your Nemesis {A lens on History series}
Charles Darwin is Not your Hero nor your Nemesis {A lens on History series} poem stories

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Charles Darwin is Not your Hero This is neither a stab at the atheist nor the creationist. Another Marmite spoken word poem. apologies in advance if it offends. It is contentious and a difficult read, thanks if you do read it

Charles Darwin is Not your Hero nor your Nemesis {A lens on History series}

Charles Darwin is Not your Hero

This is neither a stab at the atheist nor the creationist.

But neither of you know who Charles Darwin truly was.

Cause if you think he is the reason you are boss.

You are wrong.

If, you think he is the reason the heathen is lost.

You are wrong.

He is the king of intelligent design.

And no that doesn't mean I believe superiority is fine.

You flipping snowflake.

Its time for you to settle.

And atheist it's time for you to ACTUALLY fettle

'The origin of species.'

Flipping well read it if your going to use it one of your nonsensical speeches.

You ignorant leaches.

Your essentially as bad as racists and hate speeches.

There is ultimately a conclusion that Darwin made that Impeaches


And for that matter a racist vision.

People who claim to be experts belong in prison.

For the dissemination of misinformation.

It's flipping pig ignorant.

Let me paraphrase Einstein to emphasise why your racist rhetoric

And snowflake I'm not attacking the atheist I'm talking to the heretic.

So, Einstein "a wise man knows himself to be a fool"

Oh, wait that's spiel

It was Shakespeare whom said that.

See there's nothing wrong with a backtrack admitting your wrong.

If, you don't this is why lies perpetuate for so long.

Now you be like flipper please it was Socrates.

Get ready to get on your knees.

And pray to either a potential God or if you believe GOD.

Charles Darwin

Believed in intelligent design.

The idea in which evolution is a process of the divine.

The critic would say "only because he was afraid of the church of the time"

And that just fine.

Yet No No its flipping not they have exposed that they have not

Read the flipping book.

And no I'm not talking about the bible you atheist twit.

The origin of species and DARWINs poetry book!

HE was a flipping into poetry as well.

At this point if you didn't know these things.

You might feel dizzy and be hearing loud rings.

In your ears.

Let go of your fears

We are all equal here.

And if you disagree you should keep listening

Cause the point of life you are missing.

But you probably won't cause your ignorant and don't read the books you claim to have read.

Like flip this is the reason my soul is dead.

Cause your so stupid to think Darwin teaches there is no GOD HEAD!

And if you think I haven't addressed the point of Darwins duress in the eyes of his contemporary ecclesiasts.

Then I have one thing to ask.

How the FLIP are they gonna get him when he is sailing the ocean.

Now, lets set the right ideas in motion...

Darwin loved his garden, and seeked to apply the scientific method to harden FAITH in a world that was being illuminated by rational science.

He was not the arbiter of the devil and in defiance.

Although he did eat a flipping loads of turtles and everyone knows how much I love them.

Still I'm not going to condemn.

If they were stuck on their back, he would still diligently flip them.

So, lets, not lose track, swallow that flem.

After all it's me that's spitting right now.

I really hope you can allow.

My words to not fall on death ears.

Cause ignorance on this matter brings many too tears.

Including me.

Social Darwinism.

Actually teaches that through collective effort a species can develop.

It literally is not the survival of the fittest it's the survival of the fittest species.

See the wood from the trees.

Yet terrorist still executed these people who stood up for unity of all the creatures of earth.


Cause they heard of Adolf Hitler first.

And guess what, yeah you guessed it he never flipping read the book.

He just took quotes out of context and let his charisma do the rest.


And I must at this point, confess.

I've never read animal farm cover to cover.

Wanna take the moral high ground?

Cause I haven't read a childrens book?


And if you think that Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit

All I can hear is


Don't miss the point.

I'm not asking you to join

A religion

I'm telling you to be delicate with your own and others opinions.

Creationist I'm telling you don't think that someone who reads Darwin is one of the devils minions.

And atheists don't think that the origin of species is in sinew.

Both see the sin that you do.

Of, which you are forgiven.

And know I don't think I'm a god living.

I just believe the prince of peace

When he says all may enter in my name.


Do you get it

Survival of the fittest is the most misconstrued concept.

Ironically, because of the precept.


The irony knows NO BOUNDS.

Just in case you didn't know a bound is something that holds a book together.

Seals every word inside into an essay.

And if you have read this far bless thee

You literally heal me.

It's a duality It's difficult to write these, and right now im writing about how we please

Need to read things to the end and not pretend to be an expert.

Superiority is a flawed notion.

And lots of people know that so it doesn't matter if this poem is a drop in the ocean.

Cause shizzle is in motion.

So, Darwin is not your evidence because it's a flawed pretence.

Read one of his poems.

Listen to the seeds he is sowing.

And by this point you be like no it was Erasmus Darwin.

His grandfather who wrote the poems.

Erasmus Darwin helped abolish slavery in Jolly old England.

Charles Darwin's Grandad,

So, you begin to realise why thinking Darwin is racist is so bad.

Cause from being a lad.

He followed in the footsteps of his heritage

His species.

So, Wigga please, you aint no real wigga.

Cause you cant see the picture that's bigger.

One Species called Life.

This is 'one love'

Time to drop the mic

Due to the fact that I have a rule that I finish at around 1000 words.

So, if you were one of Darwin's caged birds.

This knightmare is over with a pinch




Thanks for reading. If, you read to the end thank you very much and please comment. I'm sorry if I at any point offended. I just want everyone to get along and not listen to the lies...

We are all Equal!

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