A Fairy Tale Aim: To teach new words through context. Topic: Deforestation
A Fairy Tale 

Aim: To teach new words through context.

Topic: Deforestation  fairytale stories

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The fox escaped the hunt.
If, you have the time please give this a try. It's a fairy tale aimed at teaching kids about nature, deforestation, ecology and wariness. So, maybe grab a cup of tea or coffee and give it read. It would be much appreciated. Thanks Much love!

A Fairy Tale Aim: To teach new words through context. Topic: Deforestation

The Fox that had Reservations {1000 word Poetic Fairy Tale}

The fox escaped the hunt, though the sadness was enough to shunt a brunt of pain and distrust of humanity upon this little fox. This fox now had reservations about humans.

This little fox walks not lost.

Guided by the shimmering river not a sight of frost.

Summer has arrived here.

So off for a drink at the lake of the joyful tear.

She looks at her reflection and what she always can see does appear.

Her orange tail fluttering aside her angelic head.

A range of birds sing what needs to be said.

"Your tail is not fat it dances in the wind.

Your nose is not long its perfect for flower scent on the wind.

Your colour is not wrong your fur coat is fuller orange than an orangutan's toe.

And whiter than the Christmas rabbit dancing in the snow.

Your paws are perfect for chancing the apple; at the top of the tree, normally that is to be for the crow.

Then on the echo of the glistening water another voice begins to flow.

She looks at the Lake and she turned green

Her reflection sings

"Your hair is vibrant like the warmth of a fire for someone as humble as me for such fuller colour I aspire. Just look at me.

To look like you would set me free.

My colour makes people think of greed or jealousy.

Well I guess I envy the colour I see.

If only the birds would sing of the beauty of me.

Though it seems irrefutably green I am to be.

To have the colour of an orange fuller fox is what I want to be.

She looks up and it's not her reflection.

She moves closer tail wagging ears tall for inspection.

She walks past wondering where he was from and what direction.

She walks around and past his nose and says in elegant prose.

Whispering your colour on me it grows.

He blushes Jade green and lavishes words of affection.

The birds have gone and there is only them in this section.

Oh, though one bird is watching on free from detection.

Watching the growing affection as they dance and as he catches her and holds her in his arms and paws protection.

The birds chirp in prose "Their Love grows in the season when it never snows."

"it is not your colour Mr green fox it is your dance and your jade socks.

The way your eyes unlock my heart and the way your spirit is my rock.

Your handsome nature I would not mock.

As you dance on the mountain top."

"The moon so full you pull me in with the light glistening on your grin."

He smiles and looks less sad for now the fox is glad. The orange fox and the colourless love they have.

All season he had longed for a kiss his nose waiting and would not miss. Finally, a beautiful enough moment as he had always wished.

As the moon passed the sun and the light was done.

In the eclipse the love bird's song was sung.

That's why the two foxes kiss noses at night.

The animals hope the futures bright.

As their noses kiss the land turns to white.

Spring and summer had vanished and autumn too.

though Love was not famished and no animal blue.

Though the seasons were gone Love shined through.

Then lurking lowly in the light of the moon is a moth rising from the chrysalis. Shining glistening.

Every animal is listening. The wings reach and shine in the moonlight. And the moth says

The humans with their wicked ways. Intend to put a number on this forest's days.

The enchanting nature and babbling brooks they seem not to praise.

There anger is an endless haze.

They come for the lumber and the land.

They seek no deed, they only demand.

The little fox says "what can we do to achieve the upper hand?"

"to stop this enchanting forest turning to desolate sand.

The moth replies, I'm sorry the time is nigh we must leave and escape to the mountain high.

Deforestation swept the forest like a tide.

Every animal retreated and in the mountain they did hide.

Until the carnage did subside.


And then in the distance the foxes did see an image of humans that could finally be something of prosperity for the forest.

Voices of save our forest echoed the woodland.

Eco warriors were here all of a sudden.

Pelting stones upon the greed ridden men, that seeked to condemn this forest and all its life to the endless night.

The sun shined bright and the people did fight. The animals watched on in wonder as a storm closed in and there was thunder.

The lumberjacks made a great blunder. One of the protesters was under the giant machine.

This eco warrior proud and green.

Smashed that machine.

The animals rejoiced and could see that not all humans wanted destruction of nature.

Some were there saviour.

Not all people are the same, some have kindness in their brain nature they did not seek to tame but nurture.

And see it grow and bloom. From this gallant act of the eco warrior it was soon time for the animals to return home to the forest.

And though it was damaged and decrepit.

They were able to accept this as not all humans were the same.

Not all of them had wished to inflict pain upon the enchanted forest.

In time the ecology returned back to normal and even thrived. Even though the forest had nearly died.

And the two foxes eyes wide finally accept humanity had some pride.

And the forest once again became an enchanted sight of love and prosperity.

It was every bodies territory.

Given them the deed to the land a protected sanctuary a natural reservation.

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