The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley (Chapter One) *Part Six*
The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley (Chapter One) *Part Six* ezragatley stories

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After an awkward conversation with his parents, Ezra gets news about his old best friend from junior high coming back in town after being gone for so long. But Ezra knows Evvie, and he knows that a place with her is never dull...

The Five Secrets_Ezra Gatley (Chapter One) *Part Six*

Evelyn was back in her room, doing her homework-so I actually had some space to myself for today. Sitting down on my bed, I had a few seconds to myself before my phone went off.

I recognized the ring and smirked.

If you asked me why I set Delcan's ringtone to what it was, I probably still wouldn't be able to tell you.


Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you were actually ok with me going to the game. I wouldn't want to distract you.

Btw, your sister is adorable.

I shook my head, smiling. Everyone usually thinks my sister is this adorable teenager who knows nothing other than being a good daughter, but I've seen her other side.

And believe me when I say this, it isn't cute. Yeah, she smiles and hugs me in public all the time, but she's only like that when people are watching.

I still have a burn on my chest from a burn she gave me when the two of us were eight. All I did was joke around and steal one of her baby dolls, and she lashed out on me.


I'm fine with you coming to the game, but you're wrong about my sister. She's a monster. I have all the scars to prove it.


Show me then.

Just as I began pulling my shirt over my head, I thought about what would've happened if Mom or Dad walked in. How would I even explain that to them? Or worse, Emmanuel could come in here.

I got off my bed quickly and shut the door, locking it behind me. You never know with siblings in the house.

I took a picture of the burn on my chest and then took a picture of the bruise I got from just a few weeks ago.


Dang, I didn't know she could hit.




I always wondered if that burn was a birthmark or something...


Please don't repeat that to me...


Okay, okay, I'll stop.

Anyways, after the game, can we talk about something?


Is it something bad?


Depends...can you make it over to my house after football?

I don't care how desperate or sound this sounds, or whatever, I was willingly saying yes. There were no pauses while I texted him back.

I would always ditch anything for Delcan, and I still didn't know why. It was just something about him that always made me feel good about myself.

And whatever I can get off that needs to be as much as possible.


Yeah. I'll tell my parents I'm spending the night at my friends' house or with Haven. They'll believe me, promise.


Do your parents even look through your phone?


Not unless I've been acting really strange. Why?


Well if they do, I suggest that you delete half of this entire conversation because they'll know where you are. Is my address on your phone?

If Delcan's address was in my phone, I should probably delete it by now. I know all of the easiest roads to get to his house, so having it on Google Maps would just be pointless.

I deleted it off my phone before I responded to him, lying anyways.


I can't remember, Delcan.


Of course, you can't. But you make up for it because of how cute you are.


Have you been looking at my Instagram?


I basically have Instagram for that reason, Ezra. And don't be weirded out by it, it's a couple thing.

Trust me.




Don't play hard to get when you've already been stolen.

My parents told me to put up the phone and talk to my aunt. Gotta go.


Okay. See you later?


As always, Ezra.

I knew that my cheeks were red, so I put my phone away. He'd sent that kissing face emoji, and I smiled before I sent one back, deleting the message right after that.

About three minutes after I'd finally began watching Netflix, my phone went off for the third time. I growled like an animal and grabbed my phone, putting it next to me on my bed.

All of the messages were from Haven, and every single one of them made me pretty annoyed by her at the moment.

Haven Bronx:


I know you're busy, but I need to ask you something...

Do you remember your ex-girlfriend from 7th to 9th grade? If u do, talk to me tomorrow before the game starts. Love you! Oh, and Angelica said hi.

It may sound rude, but I could care less about Angelica and her "kindness." Instead, I was more confused about her second message.

First off, what could Haven possibly want to talk to me about now? And second, what was Evvie doing back in town so early

Evvie and I haven't talked since she left with her dad, but I'm pretty sure I still had her number. I scrolled through my contacts until I found my "ex-girlfriend"'s name. Evvie Hamill.

Her number was still there and everything and all I had to do was text her.


Hey, Evvie, it's Ezra Gatley. I know we haven't talked in a while but I just wanted to say hi. Well, that's half true.

Truth is, one of my friends told me that you were back in town (which is super cool, by the way), and I just wanted to ask you if the two of you talked about anything.

The same amount of people still know, including someone else, but I won't get into that. Anyways, if you wanna meet up somewhere, I'd be fine with that too.

Missed you, Eve.

Alright, the message might've been a little long, but it was enough information for her to roll with. Plus, I think it was enough considering we haven't talked in a long time.

A few seconds later, she replied.

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