Poems/Quotes About Love
Poems/Quotes About Love poems stories

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These are quotes that I found that can express the true longing of love, and maybe even what it feels like to be in love. Tell me what you think!

Poems/Quotes About Love

The moral of this story is that no matter how much we try, no matter how much we want it...some stories just don't have a happy ending. Quote - unknown.

The saddest truth is realizing you have fallen madly with what you can never be. Quote - unknown.

I lost something. I never had. Yet it hurts, just as bad. Quote - unknown.

Dear heart,

please let

these feelings

fade. Quote - unknown

Just because we're not talking doesn't mean I don't miss you. "Late Night Tales, Nyaz Ahemad."

i want to shine in your eyes like the stars do. "Bridgett Devoue."

the stars are smiling tonight because of you. "Bridgett Devoue."

I love seeing

you happy. "Faraway."

One hello

can take away

the pain of

a thousand

goodbyes. "Faraway."

I know it hurts,

but I promise you this:

you will breathe again,

and you will breathe

more deeply than you

ever have

before. "Faraway."

All I want

is something real,

something that is

terrifying to the touch

but far too beautiful to ever let go of. "Faraway."

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