Is there a Right Answer?
Is there a Right Answer? questionswithnoanswers stories

jazzykate Community member
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These are some questions or things I like to think about while writing, and it helps me connect to my characters on a real level. Will there ever be a right answer to these questions?

Is there a Right Answer?

Why do we still come back to those who hurt us? What is it about them that makes us want to stay?

Is beauty good or evil?

There's a choice between right and wrong, but how do you know which one you're making?

What has your single action had on somebody's life? How do you think one thing can change everything?

Is there ever a right way to deal with tragedy?

Do you shape your own fate?

Can you choose the people you fall in love with? Can you stop yourself from falling in love with the "dangerous ones"?

Which is worse: failing, or even trying in the first place?

Can true happiness ever be obtained from things outside yourself?

Will the full truth ever be discovered about everything?

What lie have you always been telling yourself?

Why is it so hard to accept things when people leave your life?

What makes somebody speechless?

Are you the hero or the villain in someone else's story?

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