To My Beloved
To My Beloved
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jaykell Metaphoric way of writing my gift to u
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Metaphorical way to describe love

To My Beloved

Oh how I love the way your are I miss your face an staring into your eyes They would shine like a million stars in the sky The wind blows, it touches my skin Reminds me of the refreshing sensation Of you being close too me You was my solar system my whole being revolve around you night and day

You was my moon and sun With your name embedded in The constellations of my lifetime My love for you is life itself it’s the bodies of water with the trees,plants,grass an flowers that covers the earth

Your are my mind I see us ever time I close my eyes an visualize The life that was supposed to be I tell myself, Oh how I love you oh how I miss you My Dearly Beloved can’t you see The way you make me feel

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