My Perfect Everthing
My Perfect Everthing love stories

jaykell Metaphoric way of writing my gift to u
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Feelings from the heart

My Perfect Everthing

You are the highlight of my life, The time I spent with you, will Always be the light inside of me

I remember your smile could make, Me do anything you wanted, It was impossible to tell you no

I’d steer into your eyes, I’d get stuck, Then time would fly

your voice, Soothe me it was calming, the Sound of a siren you’d lure me

Into all of your glory that made you... you, I’d bask in the moment of being In your presence, seeing you does days was a gift, a everyday present,

It’s no surprise when I told you, How flawless you are in my eyes, Your love was the only thing I needed you to bring, because you was my perfect Everything

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