My Beautiful Ugly Poison
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When Things Fall Apart From Your Own Self Love “Repost”

By: Jamol Kelly aka Jay Kell

My Beautiful Ugly Poison

by Jamol Kelly aka Jay Kell

I use to be beautiful so beautiful, I'd steer in the mirror

An admire myself in all my self glory,

You see I use to be beautiful so beautiful I'd feel untouchable, couldn't nobody tell me nothing about my skin,

There was no end to how much or how long I'd glorify thy self,

My beauty was so full of life it empower me

Strengthen me, I could do anything as long as I was beautiful

Hear my Voice, world I use to be beautiful women love me adore me I could use beauty to manipulate do anything I wanted life couldn't be better,

My beauty was full of fire an limitless desire,

Greed I wanted to indulge forever

It could of but all it took was one mistake it was like,

My beauty was cut by a knife coated with poison I didn't realize it was slowly killing me until it actually kill me

My beauty when I was, so beautiful in my eyes I had it all but many would say I was a monster In disguise

For my beauty, the apart about being untouchable, was a lie my beauty corrupted my soul pump me up

full of pride

My beauty fell apart, coated by a poisonous knife that cut me, slowly threw my blood it race, it creep devouring me slowly, it was killing me

My beauty allow the poison to spread throughout my whole body corrupted my soul,

My beauty lead me down a path I chose on my own, I

could finesse anything until the doctors said, the poison from the knife can't be cured but here some meds to slow it down,

My beauty was no longer beautiful, I became stuck living within a flesh that's no longer my own,

My Beautiful Ugly Poison

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