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My first release here, I thought it was funny

Suh Tyre

It was of a morning, a Sunday morning. Where I woke up from my unenviable descend into marriage.

I knew my fortune teller wasn't wrong when she would say Id make a grave mistake.

I got out of bed and made a smoke and lit it up then decided to to go home. As in home I mean another county.

Vegas. Always Vegas. Why not get married In Russia? Oh well.

I don't even know what's going on.

At least I am probably the best she will get.

Wife: good morning hubby

Me: shut up

I looked out the window butt naked and then thought. Wait. If we got married in Vegas is it really legal elsewhere?

So I decided to google the legitimacy of a Vegas wedding. My wife stared at me. I looked at her.

Me: eeeeeew

I continued typing and realising that Well Vegas isn't counted elsewhere but the flights back to Australia are all broken down and stuck here.

Well it goes to show what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I just wanna know how I am going to get back. What would my wife at home think.

Well my

Real one.

Quick put on some pants.

Me: Quick put on some pants let's go. Shopping

Wife: what are we looking for?

Me: a way out,

My wife trailed behind me as we left he hotel and. Checked out we walked around the subways, sewers and Airports Looking for a way back to Australia:

Wife: we can take boat.

Me: you stay here

Wife: why?

Me: me go home you stay here.

Wife: but I wanna go with you.

Me: No.

wife: You are my happy with me; I see.

Me: look I need to catch the boat and leave and get back to my family!

Wife: okay bye, just remember me

I hugged her goodbye and got on the boat and took 3 weeks to get home. I eventually got home went inside and kissed my wife's neck.

Me: *kisses wife's neck*

Real wife: Dave, Welcome home I've missed you

My name is Ben

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