Constant Autumn
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A poem I wrote about how much I love the season of autumn

By: Jaron Chandler

Constant Autumn

by Jaron Chandler

All the colors I see in the dying evergreen are speaking out to me.

I contract the essence of times of pure serenity.

Summer has fallen, the amber leaves have made that clear.

And its here only to fade

I dont want it all to go away!

The crisp air, the scent of the forests gently giving way to the seasons end

The sensations it brings me, Ive become so attached

I loath the day when the final leaf breaks away and is doomed to silently crash.

It's this time that I truly reminisce on my happiest days, I dont want to lose it,

I dont want it all to go away.

I beg for constant autumn to reign

I cry for the leaves to only change

but never die.

I cannot thrive without this perpetual state.

winter will come soon to take my happiness away.

I want immortal fall, where everything is no longer living but yet its never dying.

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