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Love Poems win/in Poems

Never forget the charmed diamond of luck

Rover roll over, it's not more than a clover

The life that you seek

Is on the other side of the peak

Of the fear that's constricting your heart

To rid yourself of fear is not too hard you say

Then why, you ask, are you in the fray

Of fighting and conflict and duthering blites

Don't you worry my pet, love never bites

Love is alwaysss the answer

Love is always the key

Free to be YOU

Free to BE ME

Close your eyes and you'll see

Its the other side of the need

To always be right, to always fight

Against what you know

That you reap what you sow

Close the loop on your fear

Because baby, you're here.

We choose to go left

We choose to go RIGHT

We choose what we choose

And always move to the LIGHT

Never forget, the answers you seek

Are always on the other side of your weak

Ness & Fears and & Storried Dreams of the Night

Baby just breathe, no need for the flights

Of stairs and the doors, and the running for more

The hoots & the hollers and the demons that store

You memories they keep, in the tightest of coffins

And know they're just boxes, don't run from them often

They know how to Follow

And to chase them is Hollow

Caves and dark places, likes holes and the spaces

Between you and me, im frightened

Won't fake it :)

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