WTF Stories! #3: Ugh!
WTF Stories! #3: Ugh! comedy stories

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When will it be right?

WTF Stories! #3: Ugh!

WARNING! Swearing, vulgarity and pure nonsense ahead. Viewer discretion is advised.

Feeling weightless, Mellanie had finally given into her self conscious and began a deep sleep.

She had to save her family and friends from the threating terrors of her mind.

She had been-


Heather interrupted herself, throwing her pen across the room.

"This is garbage, ugh!"

She slammed her book shut and pulled her hair in frustration.

She made her way to the window and sighed.

"If I could just write something beautiful just one time, just once I would be so happy..."

As she gazed out the window to what seemed to be a never ending storm, she noticed an odd shaped figure rustling around in the bushes.

"What was that?"

She ran downstairs, whipped her jacket on, threw on some old shoes, grabbed an umbrella, and made her way to the mysterious ruffle.

As she approached the bushes, she started to slow down and crouch down to its level.

"What is going on in there?"

As she reached her arm towards this potential threat, a huge beam of light shot out sending Heather onto her back.

"Oh my God its a-


Matt screamed slamming his laptop shut.

"I'm never gonna be able to write this thing!"

He slowly dragged himself into the living room, covered in tears and self loathing.

He grabbed the noose he prepared, a sawed off shotgun and stood on the table.

He put his head into the noose and closed his eyes.

As he was about to end it all, his dog Snoops started barking.

He shook his head and stared into Snoops big brown eyes.

He smiled knowing Snoops was just trying to stop him from his own potential life threating choices.

He shot Snoops in the face, kicked the table over and killed himself.

*** *End

I know these stories can be pretty dark, but I wanna take the time to thank you all so SO much for not only liking my work, but sticking around for more! I always love reading your comments, it puts the biggest smile on my face! Thanks again!

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