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jamesisweird I invite you to read my mind
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When you find that right pair, you'll wear them for the rest of you life.

Sock + Sock

Socks are like any good friendship

It takes two to make a pair and It's that two that will always stick together

Other socks are always welcome, even when they don't match

You never question them because you know they're always there for you

They keep you warm on cold, rainy days and they keep you safe when you've stepped in one too many puddles

Sometimes, you find a hole and you don't know if you can fix it

When It's that right pair, It's time for a needle and thread.

But when you do happen to throw away a pair, thats okay because...

ANY sock + sock = a new paired beginning

Hey everyone! I've been away for awhile and I honestly wasn't going to post this, but I know I'm a little rusty and I wanna keep doing what I love. Hopefully I'll bounce back and rejoin this lovely community again! Thanks for reading, and hope to hear from you all again soon. <3

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