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You Stole You told me to stay away.
you will pay

You Stole

You told me to stay away,

But with out her I feel gray.

She begged me to stay,

But I followed you rule

To her and I it was cruel .

But soon be became a ghoul

Soon you be-trade her, you fool.

You took her heart and ran to another.

I'm sad you left her but now I have your brother,

I cant stand you. You hurt her like no other.

I'm sorry you felt you had to leave her.

You said it was just in the moment, a spur.

I cant believe you. No one will call you sir.

I'm sorry you “fell” down the wrong hole,

You jumped. You had a diamond and traded it for coal.

You took it and ran away with her love, you stole.

You can fade away for all I care you hurt my friend you beast.

Thankfully she is away from you now. She is not your muse at least.

Go on find someone else you always do. Just stay away is what I ask.

You showed us who you really were. You don't get to play that game. Off comes your mask.

I cant understand why you would hurt her. She has the most pure heart,

How dare you think you can get away with that. What you do isn't an art.

Learn how you have wronged her. Learn from you mistakes. Come on get smart

You tried with me and got violent when I refused. You tried to destroy me.

You are a monster. One that brakes the boards of a ship sailing at sea.

The trust her and I had for you was burnt in flames. You are like a flea

Jumping from one trusting person to another. Taking there beauty,

Turning them to un-trusting people scared of everything. I'm sorry cutie,

Your time ruining my life is over. Its my turn to play your game.

I'm not going to play fair then again neither did you. You will burn in flames

You took my only friends away now yours are leaving as well. Iv rebuilt,

Your past will make it harder to find people will stay. I hope the pain gets you with the guilt.

So go on with your game it wont last long like this. Soon enough you will fade away, wilt

The fire you have started will burn you down. Im so glad your brother is nothing like you.

He is a man who only means well. You a child who only wants to kill. If only you grew,

If only you had a heart. Then you'd know the pain and suffering you have caused.

Will you ever be sorry will you ever learn. I hope you will. I had my life on pause,

You kept me in the dark. Till I saw the sun and saw the marks you left behind.

All of this soon will fall but you high and mighty will die. But us who are kind,

Will still be standing tall. I will not let you hurt the people I love so I decline,

The offer to be yours. My passive side is not a thing when it comes to my friends.

When it comes to them id die first before they'd get touched I will not bend.

You sir can go but be wary of who you meet and who you try to hurt.

They can see threw you they may lead you on to hurt you they may flirt.

I hope one day you feel the same pain that all the people you destroyed felt.

I still stand strong for the ones I love for them I will be their seat belt.

I will protect them with all I am before you can hurt them again.

Do you want this promise in writing if so hand me a pen.

Ill give you time. One, two, three,four, I don't care, ten.

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