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ivorynoire "It's a wonderful world."
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"When you scream into the void, it's listening and it's very concerned."
First 'story' on here to learn how it works. I hope you enjoy it! If so, I'll write more. Thank you for reading and also for your time!

The Void

by ivorynoire

H llo? Can y u hear me? Poor r*ception. B r e a k i n g u p He

Can hear now? you me

Am I clear? Excellent. Hello, there.

What is your name?


I like it already. I am very fond of names. Valerie, Olive, Idris, Deltrice. Only to name a few.


As for you, dear friend... Call me whatever you please. You also must be wondering why I decided to contact you.

I am worried about you. As the void, I've been observing your thoughts. Don't you remember? You shouted to me.

You felt no one was listening. That no one cared.

Communicating like this isn't allowed. So I will be brief. There's a secret I would like to share with you. To ease those thoughts.

As you may feel alone...

You are not. There is no such thing as being alone. Someone loves you. There are individuals you have never met. And look, they adore you.

They are concerned for your wellbeing, just as much as I am. Please, be gentle and kind with yourself. You are lovely. You bring...

...color into this dark world.

So thank you very much for existing. If you ever need to shout or scream to me, please do. Negative feelings are poison. Speak them, draw them, write them...remove the toxicity.

Our time is up. I will contact you again. Stay strong, dear friend. I love you. Good b y e

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