The Windows of Innocence
The Windows of Innocence fresh stories

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
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The eyes are wise if they are advised to not disguise all the evil lies. Keep in mind that to despise is not to revise. Love all allies and do not demonize, for love is what can humanize. So cherish that innocence like your last sunrise, and come forth and harmonize in a world that needs to normalize innocence.

The Windows of Innocence

by ivoryannalise

Look into her eyes,

These small pools that can never despise.

They are so fresh and unwise.

Newborn as the morning sunrise.

Their hopeful gleam can agonize,

her adversary's wretched allies.

But their ignorance will be her demise,

When the world comes forth with lies.

So give her advise,

Before her light threatens to capsize.

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