Oh Lovely Sister
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ivoryannalise #BlackLivesMatter
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Just a quick poem for the daily prompt sister.
Link to the second poem: https://commaful.com/play...
<3 Written for my twin sister.

Oh Lovely Sister

by ivoryannalise

Oh, sister, my lovely twin.

How delightfully I followed you.

My best friend.

My best friend. My doppleganger.

The person I strived to be,

The hero I traded myself for.

Oh, sister, my captor.

I am your shadow, not a person.

Nitpick me, dear sister.

Mold me into something unlike you.

Is it too much to be alike?

Is it too much to be myself?

Who am I?

Oh, sister, my rival.

You have lost control,

You have lost control, But I have found me.

Sloughing off your shadows,

Caused a rift in our unit,

And now every word is an argument.

I have tastes; you have yours.

Oh, sister, my lovely twin.

Despite our struggles,

Despite our differences & similarities,

Despite our fractured unit,

I will always love my dear twin.

My hero no more, but my big sister till the end.

So, I actually wrote 2 poems for this prompt and couldn't decide which one I liked. I'll be posting the other one later on, so be on the lookout for it. Let me know which one you preferred. -IAL

P.S. That last picture is actually me & my sister.

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