Bid Me Adieu
Bid Me Adieu sister stories

ivoryannalise #BlackLivesMatter
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The 2nd poem I wrote for today's prompt.
It's been too long since I did a rhyme scheme.
Link to the first poem:

Bid Me Adieu

by ivoryannalise

Oh, sister, my lovely twin.

How I used to follow you with a grin.

Ecstatic to be alike,

Ecstatic to be alike, But always ending up ghostlike.

Please control my every tastes,

Until I feel like a waste.

I am not a person, but your shadow,

A malleable piece of dough.

But I surrender to your whims no more.

No longer my hero, the one I adore.

I have found myself in the ashes,

In brief and fluttering flashes.

I am finally, truly, me.

I have no more pleas.

But you, you must be proud too.

There is no one to step into your shoe.

You can finally be you.

So we can bid these rivalries adieu.

This is the 2nd poem I wrote for the daily prompt, sister, and for my twin sister. The 1st is already on my profile. Let me know which is your favorite! -IAL

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