Come and Play
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Children, come and play away in this sanctuary for the world is nothing but disappointment and despair.

Come and Play

by ivoryannalise

Children, come and play.

The world beyond is dark and full of mysteries,

So don't wander into all those insecurities.

Just stay bright and happy in your imagination.

Out there's not a place safe for young ones,

So come and join in our merry fun!

We'll play all day in the warm sunshine,

And live without a care for that horrid world.

And the troubles plaguing the adults,

Shall fade away within our childish games.

Children, come and play.

Please don't ever despair.

The world beyond our playhouse,

Is naught but shadows in disrepair.

So stay inside until you grow older.

Then maybe the world will be kinder.

Children, come and play.

Until the day comes to sleep away,

All the madness and disease that shall,

Destroy your innocence without a care.

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