The darkness
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The darkness

Their eyes met in the crowded room

He winked at her

spine her up She felt a shiver

Yesterday they had become lovers

But, no one knew

It was their secret to keep

She remembered his thumb in her waistband

She remembered the feel of his hands grasping her hips

She remembered his tongue touching hers

She remembered the heat from their bodies

He nodded towards the door

He exited & she waited for a few moments

She then exited out into the darkness

Unsure of where he had gone she walked through the garden

Out of the darkness he reached for her

arm her up Electricity raced

All hands & lips & breath

The fear of being caught made it more exciting

Breathless he caressed her face

She grabbed on to his shoulders and pulled him to her

If it wasn't for the tree she was leaned up against

She would have surely melted to the ground

They couldn't get close enough

They couldn't get close enough Lip to lip

They couldn't get close enough Lip to lip Hip to hip

They couldn't get close enough Lip to lip Hip to hip Tongue to Tongue

The darkness was their friend

It held their secret dear

The darkness would never tell

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