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When love comes into your heart, there's no escape. A distructive virus that leaves you aching...


He gave his heart, a look from her was enough,

He lost his strength, giving up on being tough.

His scarlet blood ran madly through his veins

He was a prisoner, tied in her charming chains.

"Was I blind all this time?

What is wrong with me?

She's an angel, my muse for poetry.

How is that till now I couldn't see?"

He knew her for some time

Being friends at the same school

He always talked with her about everything, he saw no crime

Until he fell in love with her, passing from cool to fool.

Her hair, the darkness of the winter night

Waves of black pleasure, he couldn't fight

Her face, a painting, the most beautiful piece of art

Seeing it ripped his innocent heart apart.

Her lips, sweet bloody poisoning with desire

Pulling him to sin faster than formula cars

But her eyes, hot whiskey, amber stars

They brought in his heart the fire.

Not her beauty made him love her so much

But her mind, her soul, the things he couldn't touch

Her words, river of enchanting wisdom and poetry

Her voice, a harmonic of sounds, his favourite melody.

Telling her what he feels was madness

She already gave her heart to someone else

Telling her his real feelings will be heartless

Even if every time he sees her, he's left breathless.

One night, another one of thinking about her, he fell in one knee

Only the sky and the stars were witnesses to see

With a tear in his eye, he promised that no matter what the future will bring

He will be just a friend for her, without ruining everything.

Like a knight, he will give his life to protect her

He will play the friend, in his life he'll be an actor

For his queen, he'll do anything to adapt

Cause his mind and his heart, by her will forever be trapped.

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