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Sometimes there's just no salvation...


"Sorry, I'm not here, leave a message after the beep..."

Her voice in his ear, the tears on his face, the pain in his heart so deep...

"Come on, be a man, act your happineSs for her sake...,"

His mind's motivation was rational, but his heart wouldn't stop ache.

"Sorry for calling you now, I know it's been a while,

Between us now there's a distance of a thousand and one mile.

I won't take much of your time, just want you to know,

That I thank you so much for everything that upon me you bestow.

I learned from you how to be bold and say what I feel,

With you as my crush I learned that heartache isn't just a fantasy, it's real.

When you, so boldly, dared to steal my first kiss,

I learned that the sweetness of those demonic crimson lips I'll always miss.

With every flower I gave you, with every gentle hug,

I learned that your presence is for me the most addicting drug.

Whenever you velvet hand found refuge in mine,

I learned that letting you go is and will remain an unforgivable crime.

Whenever I lost myself in your mesmerizing amber eyes

I learned that entire nebulas can be compressed to a marble's size.

With every time I caressed your smooth, silky copper hair,

I learned that I will never forgive myself if for you I won't be there.

Sorry for not being always there for you,

Sorry for not being the man you'd want me to,

Sorry for my narcissism and immaturity,

Sorry for loving you too much, my sincere apology."

Silence and a beep marked the message's end,

An end that shattered his heart; anymore he couldn't stand.

Gathering the pieces was futile, in the night lost,

No more hope for him, his life, his love: a ghost.

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