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Oh, love...

Only One

One moment and he knew nothing will ever be the same anymore

One look and his heart ached, a feeling he just couldn't ignore

One thought, an image digging deep its way into his mind

One step into the past and one into the future, a paradox of love he defined.

One year of university and without hope he had fallen for her,

One hundred questions just to know the things she would prefer.

One bloody rose left discretely near her books in the library,

One short poem, far too puerile to capture her demonic beauty.

One strand of darkness flowing with sparks of crystals on her bare back,

One pair of chocolate stardusty pearls throwing his being off track

One pair of scarlet lips seducing him towards the sweetness of her kiss

One heavenly sculpted body, simply perfect, no matter if jeans or dress.

One moment of courage was enough to destroy his life's conception

One "yes, I'd like that" to make him focus for the perfect date's creation

One night in her presence watching the sparkling stars on the summer sky

One lifetime he would have liked to see his reflection in her mesmerizing eyes.

One discussion after three years with a strong disagreement

One stubborn mind of him, too aberrant and vehement

One stupid principle that he didn't want to get over it

One "goodbye" and he realized he will never be able to live with it.

One single moment ever since hasn't passed without thinking about her

One constant regret of letting her go that in his mind always seems able to occur

One feeling of void in his chest, where his heart should have been

One which reminds that when she left, she took his heart away from him.

One decade later, in an empty park, on the smooth emerald grass under a tree

One lone stranger was reliving an old and enchanting memory

One and only memory about the girl who held stars in her hypnotic eyes, a power of the Sun

One girl who has been and always will be for him the only one.

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