The Ode of John Watson
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221B or not 221B, That is the question.

*My parody of the famous monologue from Shakespeare's "Hamlet"*

The Ode of John Watson

221B or not 221B,

That is the question.

Whether it is nobler to live with a high-functioning sociopath or continue on my own,

I know not.

Do I continue to suffer in my small, average flat,

Haunted by memories of the war and a blank blog?

Or do I take a leap of faith,

and jump into danger and adventure once more?

Both options are extremely different.

So what am I compelled to lean towards?

Toward a promise of safety and monotony?

Or toward a promise of adventure and freedom?

I can't hold back from the prospect of an adventure,

of the blood once again pulsing through my veins

Yes, the war may change people,

But it didn't change me.

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