Bogoshipda "I miss you" (TXT Beomgyu) Part 1
Bogoshipda "I miss you" (TXT Beomgyu) Part 1 f/f stories

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Beomgyu smashed his lips on Myunghee's. Soon after she returned the kiss. The two of them shared their first "Real" kiss. This kiss was different from the last one.

Bogoshipda "I miss you" (TXT Beomgyu) Part 1

This chapter takes place 5 years before the time that the rest of the story will be set in. Beomgyu is 14 and Myunghee is 13.

*No one's POV*

"GYU!!!!" (Gyu or Gyu Gyu, is what Myunghee calls Beomgyu) Myunghee shouts as she spots the boy walking towards her.

She jumps up from the bench in which she was sitting and runs to him.

Beomgyu, embracing the younger one in his arms smiles sadly, knowing how this day is going to end.

"Hey Myunga," he says sweetly to her. (Myunga and Yunga is what Beomgyu calls Myunghee)

Once the two let go of each other they hurry over to the ice cream truck that comes to the same spot at the same time every day.

Every day at 2 pm the truck arrives next to a coconut filled palm tree in which is located next to the worn-out wood bench that Beomgyu and Myunghee have always met at.

It is a tradition for the two, to get ice cream from the truck when they see each other.

As usual, the two spend their day laughing, chatting, and having those random ass moments where they just look at each other and start smiling, losing the ability to stop.

(6 pm)

"Myunga..." Myunghee looks at Beomgyu when he says her name, seeing the smile that had filled his face all day disappear.

"What is is Gyu Gyu?" she asks with concern.

"I-I, my mom got a new designing shop," he says with a low tone to his voice.

"THAT'S GREAT GYU GYU!!!! I'm so happy for her!!!!!" Myunga shouts.

"Yunga... My family is moving to Bora Bora."

Myunghee's smile immediately disappears.

Tears start to form in the corner of her small eyes.

"W-what d-do you m-mean" the young girl studders.

"Myunghee -ah~," he says in a sad tone as soon as he sees the tears forming in her eyes. After saying her name the girl's head falls down.

Beomgyu sees the tears from her eyes falling one by one onto the bench in which they were sitting.

The boy moves closer to Myunghee and hugs her tighter than he ever has. Myunghee digs her head into his shoulder as her slow falling tears soon turn into painful sobs.

Beomgyu doesn't let go. The two stays like that, both crying.

Beomgyu and Myunghee have been best friends since they were 8 and 9 months old.

Beomgyu was born in Korea and although Myunghee is Korean as well, she was born in China while her parents were on vacation.

Both families soon moved to America when Beomgyu was 8 months old and Myunghee was 7 months old. A month after they moved to America they met each other at the exact park they were in now.

The Waterfront Park (That's a real park in San Diego California). They grew up and experienced everything a kid would experience from being alive less than one year to move that 13 years.

They told each other everything. Just this year being 13 and 14, they shared their first kiss together. Their first date etc.

(not sex!!!!!) for they were both scared and anticipating their first kiss and date.

They practically grew up in the same family so the fact that Beomgyu was moving was a gigantic deal for the two.

"Yunga, it's okay. We will see each other I promise. We can talk on the phone every day.

Everything will be alright" He said while looking at the broken girl with big concern as he watched the tears continue to fall from her eyes.

She looks up, exposing her glowing eyes that her tears have caused to form a glossy and shiny cover over her normal eyes.

"I didn't know that people moved to Bora Bora. I thought it was just a vacation place," she said while pouting at the boy.

Beomgyu slightly chuckles, "I didn't know that either Yunga."

"I'm going to miss you so much Gyu Gyu," she says as tears start to drop onto the shirt again.

"I know Yunga, I will two. I have an idea though. On our way back to our houses, let's do some things that will leave us with memories." Beomgyu suggested.

Myunghee's eyes lit up, "YES! Even though we've already done everything together, we can do the biggest ones again to remember it even better. And today counted as the first.

This was officially our second date!" the girl said excitedly.

The two were best friends. When they went on a so-called "Date" they knew it wasn't about love but instead was about friendship.

"Yes :)" Beomgyu responded.

The two got up and sadly looked at the bench they had just been sitting on. The bench they had sat on every day of every week of every month of every year that they had been together.

The bench in which they continuously ate their ice cream from the truck every day.

The two then turned around after staring for what seemed like Eternity (hahaha eternity ya know, txt, lmao I'm so funny!).

They walked back while holding hands with each other. At most their was 2 cm separating them. Myunghee rested her head on his shoulder until they stopped at a tree, 2 blocks from their houses.

Beomgyu smashed his lips on Myunghee's. Soon after she returned the kiss. The two of them shared their first "Real" kiss. This kiss was different from the last one.

Their last and first kiss was not a peck but wasn't a KISS. This was was deeper, more affectionate although still well known as just a kiss to symbolize friendship and not love.

They broke the kiss and looked at each other while catching their breaths.

"Next repeated memory checked off of the list," Beomgyu says to the girl with a small but sweet smirk.

Yunga blushes but laughs at his smirk.

"I guess this is it," Myunga says to the boy.

"I guess so. I love you Yunga"

"I love you more Gyu"

I hoped you guys enjoyed the first chapter! I have so many great Ideas for this fanfiction so I hope people actually read and give feedback in the comments so I can continue it.

I doubt anyone will actually read this but if you do the I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!

- Iz K

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