His Sweet Addiction { Part 8 }

His Sweet Addiction { Part 8 } minyoongi stories

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His Sweet Addiction { Part 8 }

His eyes started turning bloody red and heart started to beat rapidly due to fear. " Then why are you so frightened huh??" He asked with a smirk, walking even closer to Mia as she kept on backing away.

" I-I'm n-not frightened i-is just that you- " She started to say but then he pinned her to the wall. " Y-y-yoongi d-" " Shhh..." He said as placed his finger onto her lips making her heart skip a beat. His hands were placed on both sides of the wall, trapping Mia.

Yoongi's eyes never left hers. Mia felt like he was staring right into her soul, but yet she couldn't look away from him. She was mesmerized by him. And without thinking, she felt her hand touch the side of his cheek.

He then bit his lip with a slight smile, as he stared at her. Mia then felt a bit embarrassed and blushed. And before she could remove her hand off his cheek, he stopped her. " Did I tell you to remove your hand??" He asked locking his eyes right into hers.

" W-what??" She stuttered. " You heard me." He said. " No you didn't." Mia said as she lowered her head. " Mia look at me." Yoongi said. As she nervously looked up at him, she found herself gazing at his lips.

He leaned closer until there was now no distance between the two. They could both hear each other's heartbeat and they knew what they felt for each other was real.

Mia then closed her eyes as she felt Yoongi's cold lips touch her soft, delicate ones.

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