His Sweet Addiction { Part 3}

His Sweet Addiction { Part 3} minyoongifanfiction stories
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His Sweet Addiction { Part 3}

Yoongi's POV The moonlight then reflected onto the human girl, making her skin glow gorgeously. I could feel my heart thump rapidly, like it felt like it was going to burst out my chest. Heat ran through my body as my stare on the girl became intense.

But I can't be distracted by her, I need blood... Human blood. I need her blood right now. I licked my lips while slowly walking up to her. But in my mind, I was thinking why wasn't she moving ?? She knows I'm going to suck her blood right?? I then saw her jump up and down excitedly.

I stopped a few distance away from her, totatally confused. " What the-?? I said. " REEEEeeeeeEeeEEeee!!!!!!" She giggled. " This is giving me Twilight vibes!!! I wonder if he's another version of Edward and I'm another version of Bella... hehe." The girl said to herself with a childish smile while looking at me.

" OH!! But I need the werewolves!!! I need a werewolf who can be like Jacob!!!" You said. " Aish... this girl is crazy!!" I thought. " Hey you!!" She pointed at me. " The wolves you killed just now, were they werewolves??" She asked.

" First of all, what is this Twilight crap you're talking about??" I asked getting irritated. " Bruh... you're telling me you've never read and watched the Twilight Saga???!!!" She gasped. " Uh no... I'm not some made up vampire, I'm a real one. I hunt and kill humans for a living. And no... those were just regular wolves." I said.

But before I could say anything else, my gaze landed to her eyes again. Her violet eyes are driving me crazy. I've never seen human eyes like these before... it's so mesmerizing. A weird sensation started forming inside of me, not knowing why. But I knew for sure it was because of her.

I then without hesitation snatched her away into a cave. I then pinned her against the cave wall, my fangs getting ready to pierce through her skin.

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