12 Dancing Sprits Bedtime story #1
12 Dancing Sprits 

Bedtime story #1 fairy tales stories

himari_11 The stars are beautiful they burn for us
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Inspired by the The 12 dancing princesses (1/2)

(for you hails)

12 Dancing Sprits Bedtime story #1

"I swear I see them every night going somewhere! It's driving me insane!" The king exclaimed. "Please excuse him. Ever since our daughters died he's been hallucinating." The Queen said to the villager while slightly hovering over the chair.

"Look I'm not joking. I really saw them!" The King said baffled. "You've been sending men every day to check if they are there and, they never come back!" The Queen now yelling. The villager sighed.

"If I do find your daughters, what do I get?" He asked. "Well anything." The king said. "Anything?" The man questioned. "Yes...anything."

The villager left while thinking about what he would want from the king. Smiling widely, he got an idea.

CLIFFHANGER! Originally this was supposed to be all in one part but by the time I got to the climax I had to many pages.

So instead I'm gonna make you guess what his idea is. If you haven't read the story it's gonna be hard but you know try. Also in my intro I know I out the hint as grandma and the story was taking to long so I decided to wait on that and do this.

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