You Don't See
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hardcorewriter"Write what should not be forgotten."
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You are worth so much more than you will ever believe. Don't forget it <3

You Don't See

by hardcorewriter

Look up at the sky

At the stars and the moon

Planets and galaxies

Formed by a boom

On Earth we can try

And fail every time

To understand why

We oversee the sublime

Diamonds are formed

By the pressure they get

Under the Earth

Hoping to be set

Hoping for someone

To see its beauty

Like no one ever does

Or that's all it'll be

I look at you

With stars in my eyes

My heart's like a diamond

As my voice always tries

You don't see the charm

That flows out of you

When you talk to people

And help them get through

Everyone has problems

But some are too scared

Too scared to ask for help

For they are in despair

But you come in

And don't even try

No one can deny you

The chance to fly

You don't see the brains

That's hidden in your head

Because the pressure you're under

Takes over instead

You worry about the people

Who have taken care of you forever

And disappointing them

To the point of never

Succeeding and being happy

And yet here you are

Still working your ass off

Trying to be the shining star

You don't see the strength

That you use to keep going

When times are getting rough

You choose to keep growing

People piss you off

And try to push your limit

But you keep your temper level

And instead​ try to listen

To the people who love you

Who try to take care

Because life can be a bitch

And throw you to the chair

But you don't give in

Because you are stronger than that

Every waking moment

You're ready for combat

These aren't even all

Of your best qualities

I wish I had the time

To speak of your specialties

Just like the stars

And the moon in the sky

Never alone

Will you ever cry

Just like the diamonds

In the Earth underground

Never alone

Will you run around

So next time you see

The beauty in others

Look at yourself

And it will occur

That you are more

Than you can see

I hope one day

You will agree

I love you forever

To the day that I die

From the ends of the Earth

To the clouds in the sky

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