do you feel empty too ?
do you feel empty too ? winter stories
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i've been having a lack of coherent thoughts since winter break started so here they are in a jumble

do you feel empty too ?

it's the holiday season and all i do is lie in bed and drown myself in TV so i don't have to think

at night i don't sleep and i stay up and scroll endlessly

i feel completely inaccessible from everyone else, like i'm buried underwater

i can't taste food anymore

i've run out of music to cycle through

kinda want to slip away to another dimension for a little bit

i'll go anywhere else but here ! i'll play any games thrown at me

i'll try those sickly sweet plums and dangle my legs off cliffs tempting fate

but really this is just me trying to find a way to escape the twinkly lights on everybody's trees ... i'm just bitter and mean like the grinch

i feel loneliest during holiday seasons for a reason i suppose

it's too much when morning rolls around it's no longer morning just a cold afternoon and you've already skipped a meal again

things aren't going so hot right now so i'll just sleep it off

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