Remembering the Lessons
Remembering the Lessons  lessons stories
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gothicredneck The Wanderer
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Even in bad experiences, we must grow and learn.

Remembering the Lessons

Weeks left us since the last moments Of normalcy. Since the last time I saw you - you, Who rushed me out of the room, Then bid me gone - I have Played that moment in my head Over and over.

Then, I accepted it.

When I finally let go of this burden, The sun infiltrated the fog around me For the first time In years.

I must not forget.

Though I heal and mend from our Skirmishes, I find in solitude Understanding of what I must still Keep close, and what I must let go.

I will remember the lessons learned, The confidence earned, But shed the layers of resentment That would form contempt.

I will not forget Now that I have learned Acceptance.

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