Life's a bitch
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A poem describing reality of life to keep you away from sugar coated stuff that you've been fed until now

Life's a bitch

A plate of nachos and a fine margarita

Everything seems so cool

But then the life-lord looks at you and laughs

He knows that you're a big fool

Often as time passes, you seem to become optimistic

Taking life as it is, you become less sadistic

Happiness as it comes, you appreciate the joys

Don't! because they won't last, just like your childhood toys

No I am not saying that the world is full of sadness, it sure is not

Life gives you happy and sad times, it juxtaposes a lot

It is just that as the happy sugar makes you weak, the sad spice hits you harder

The less you're ready for atrocities, the more life locks you up in a dark larder

Get up, set your shoulders onto the wheel and be prepared for the worse

If life gives you lemons, hoard salt and sugar in your purse

Be prepared for whatever problems life throws at you

Be it money, love, health or something new

Don't live a lie that all your problems will magically go away

Work against them, make sure that even before an illness arrives, you're thorough with your play

Remember if the best is yet to come, worst too hasn't passed

But don't be depressed upon reading this, the container for good and bad things in life is vast

Although what I've said, seems colossally sad and depressing

But being apathetic will make your life better, like a salad with your favourite dressing.

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