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My apologies for being inactive for some time but in exploration of your higher true real self , I find myself falling into a meditational state! My words are becoming me, the inner me is changing my outer me! Moment by Moment! With respect I hope you enjoy my new creation!

Overdosing addictions

Overdosing addictions dealing with them on a daily

Overdosing addictions have us feeling crazy

Overdosing addictions dealing with them by the moment

Overdosing addictions,damm they so potent

Taking a pill to take away the pain

Drinking a brew to feel maintained

Always looking for ways to shave

Shave away the stress

Reaching, trying to be blessed

Figuring out which bomb weeds the best

But is it good or just a test

With smoke up in my chest

I exhale and start wondering what’s next

Is that line of yay going to save your day

Will it make you feel better in any way

How about them pills, popping them at a crazy ass rate

Slowly killing your brain with this self medicate

No prescription yet you always feening

Not understanding what you’re really needing

You just keep feeding the monster

Now it’s digging in, starting to conquer

Getting weaker, feeling lost

Everyone around can see the real cost

Your life is breaking down

Your family is breaking apart

Losing grasp of all hope

Feeling drowned and doped

In the bottom of the pit

Looking around, starving for another hit

There’s no end in sight

Somehow through all of this, you must choose to fight

Unrelenting people will judge

Not that it matters but it’s you

Who must choose to budge

Life comes once not twice

Start today by living right

It’s going to be long ride with no stops at night

Each morning waking up to a new day

But what’s a new day when you haven’t slept your pain away

Putting on a mask

Trying to hide the past

Thinking of days when you could last

Now you take a few steps and

Your body’s feening for Miss Browns wrath

No need to ask me why

Just know God keeps my spirit feeling fly

Aiding me within my meditational rights

One or two touches will put my mind aside

Its like feeling the breeze

Living a dream

Lighting up a joint of some bomb weed

These are just some of my memories

Captivated by her infectious smile

Ever since I was young and wild

Am I misunderstood, you ask?

Does it really matter?

Imagine that?

I’m still be rolling smooth like an old school track

It is a matter of fact

My pops used to play LP’s way back

Smokey Robinson, Brenton Wood, Al Green

And more greats like that

Reminiscing now and realizing we didn’t have bad

Understanding how much my parents struggled

Just to give us a better life and nicer pad

Manifested for better

Through every type of weather

These Overdosing addictions keep us in slow motion

Started up my ride, now I’m straight coastin

Culminating far fetched ideas of time

Rewinding wanting the pain to reside

Only time will tell the lies

And only I know how high I fly

Taking me back into rhymes

Talking to God daily, I’m feeling alive

No need to judge my choices for signs

The creator has my back

This great energy has never left my side

As I bump this bomb track

I’m assassinating everything in sight

Clips are fully loaded

My finger on the trigger but it’s my words that flys

My mind struggles with right

But my spirit overcomes defeat every time

Digging in deep, letting in all the light

Beautiful scriptures I read on life

The old ways of doing things without strife

Banging on the drums

All the way down the road, escaping the tides

With my boots laced up, I’m ready to ride

Searching for answers unknown, the signs are peaking

As the clock keeps ticking, my mind is still seeking

Rising to the top of the charts

The message is knocking

Open up the door, it will come in rocking

Like a rockstar, you have no limits

Racing to the higher you, about to get it

Erasing them overdosing addictions!

Overdosing addictions dealing with them on a daily

Overdosing addictions have us feeling crazy

Overdosing addictions dealing with them by the moment

Overdosing addictions, damm they so potent

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