Today time stopped.
Today time stopped.  gone stories

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What to do when missed opportunities haunt you.

Today time stopped.

Standing there talking to an endless wave of people that kept coming for this charity event my eyes kept pulling me in one direction.

Toward this beautiful girl. Not your average beautiful woman no she looked like royalty in jean shorts and a t-shirt. Her eyes warm and brown with gold flakes like I’ve never seen as if they held treasure from a time before. Her smile as beautiful as the first winters snow fall white and perfect.

Although her outward appearance was stunning my wold kept turning until I heard her laugh. Nothing has ever been warmer or as sweet as that giggle she let slip. A few seconds no more but I felt I had been standing there for years and somehow it wasn’t long enough.

I tried to build up the courage to go a learn her name but somehow time got away and now I’m left wondering if I lost something more than a chance to know this girl a part of me feels like I let something go now I have this hallow feeling wondering what if.

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