Terror in the neighbourhood
Terror in the neighbourhood  serialkiller stories
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geocliff I see your pain, daydreamers of art...
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If there was a serial killer around you how would you tell?

Terror in the neighbourhood

Dripping excitement spreads trough her sharpened blades as she devoures another daydream of malice

sheer trauma covers up her route of bloodbath again this summer.

Love blooms within her chest as she gazes upon her temporary fix.

A new chest pain of guilt and pleasure pulsate in her eyes mixing with her drive to sacrifice in order to save

while her skillful mouth plays tricks of seduction to the random angelic neighbor; pleased by her lies but unaware of her taste.

Lights low explode inside his eyes as a flash of her sharp smirk pierces his defense one last time.

Fatal date meets another comrade as he falls to his eternal sleep entangled in the net of the black widow; flies feast into the red waterfall

while the dump summer night washes away her mental stains.

New sun, another bug to get caught by...

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