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gardenbud Grow!
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Joy is sustained in what we choose.


Joy Ride

Keys, but no license. Permit, but no direction of wisdom. Spontaneity, without direction is joy , it seems.

My dream was a joy ride, I could go above the law, drive without care. Until I was lost without direction and forced to rely on strangers who could be friend or foe.

My lack of care showed in my skill and I became foolish enough to keep riding away from home. Almost crashing, constantly swerving , but my trip turned inspiring. I didn't get hurt.

I returned home with the help of an stranger, who cared about my well being. I told those in charge of me what I had done, and they seemed to be okay with it.

I, at the end, felt no joy, but learned a lesson as most who take without asking do. Joy, is never in the ride. I started with joy and ended with a lesson learned.

Joy is in the decision and only to be sustained by the actions of the chooser.

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