Her Grey eyes chapter one: like honey to a rug
Her Grey eyes chapter one: like honey to a rug comedy stories

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average student lilac meets a less than happy seeming girl with .............grey eyes!?

Her Grey eyes chapter one: like honey to a rug

It was an ordinary day for Lilac she got up complained about school then went to school it was an all girl school and

then was suddenly peppy like a cheerleader but of course, she was peppy like a cheerleader she was a cheerleader after all then when she sat down in class she noticed something...

Teacher: we have a new student today would you please introduce yourself.

The new student(Yuri): hi im yuri don't talk to me don't try to talk to me don't even sit next to me of your own free will Lilac:(thinking) yeesh what's up with her its not like she's

the queen of the world but her eyes are pretty and .......

Grey !?

how do you even get grey eyes oh well im pretty sure she doesn't want company or maybe she justs needs a friend huh I have a great idea I'll do my best to be her friend she surely shouldn't

be alone all her life an....... Teacher: Lilac. M Vanderson are you even paying attention what did I just say

Lilac: umm you said, in theory, there could be multiple quantum realms. Teacher: correct this will only be a warning, for now, ms vanderson.

Yuri:(thinking) hehe I bet she was focused on some boy or something typical straight average blonde cheerleader type I suppose she is......

(after class at lunch) Lilac: hi im lilac you probably remember me from class when I got called on by the teacher. Yuri: you probably remember me when I said Don't talk to me.

Lilac: well I prefer to break rules. Yuri: and I prefer you to go away.

Lilac: aww come on also just so you know this is a dorm school so I signed you and me up for a dorm together since nobody seemed to want to share a dorm with you

. Yuri: can you please go away.Lilac: nope, im sticking to you like honey to a rug. (end of chapter one more chapters will come when im no longer being lazy)

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