Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 8: Willow's Plant Dazzle

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 8: Willow's Plant Dazzle comedy stories

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Kirby and Luz visit the community center

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 8: Willow's Plant Dazzle

*At Bonesborough, Luz and Kirby came across a community center*

Luz: Oh hey, a community center. Kirby! There's lots of fun plants inside

Kirby: (Looks through the window) Wow! Wonder what it's like in there

*The two enter inside, and finds Willow*

Willow: Hey guys

Luz and Kirby: Hey Willow

Willow: So glad you make it. Come here and see the most fascinating plants!

*The three enter the first room*

Willow: This is the Venus trap room

Kirby: Wow! So cool! (Gets eaten by a Venus plant) AHH!

Willow: Kirby! (Tickles the plant, and it barfs Kirby out)

Kirby: Ehh...thank...Willow...Eww

Willow: No prob. Anyways, onto the next room

*Second room*

Willow: These are Tigerless seal. The Boiling Isles's most rarest plants. They changed color everytime

Kirby: Wow (The flower changes pink) Woah

Luz: Say, this building has lots of beautiful plants

Kirby: So cool!

Willow: Onto the next room

*The three are unaware that a potion spilled onto the Tigerless Seal, causing it to mutate. Meanwhile, the three entered a third room*

Willow: And right here, is where I do my meantime. Plant magic labor. Plant students plant theirs in this laboratory for further studying.

Luz: That sounds awesome

Willow: Say, why don't we go back to the second room and get that Tiger-

*A mutated Tigerless Seal pops out*

Willow: Uhh...

Luz: Did that thing just...grow a monster?

Willow: No, I think it might have been the monster potion!

Kirby: A monster potion?!

*Tigerless Seal grabs the plant students*

Willow: Here goes! (Casts plant vines to trap the monster)

Kirby: Here I go! (Jumps in the air and went inside the monster's mouth)

Willow and Luz: KIRBY!

Luz: Uhh...huh?

*Kirby is seen lifting the monster's mouth*

Kirby: Now Luz!

Luz: Right! (Grabs a beaker and puts a fire glyph on it, casting a fire beaker) Here's your spicy treat! (Throws it inside the monster's mouth, defeating the monster)

Kirby: Phew. That was close

*The three exit the community center*

WIllow: Say, why don't we take Tigerless Seal to another safe place?

Luz: Okay, but as long as it's safe this time

Kirby: Yeah, me too

*The three went home*


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