Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 4: Youth Finder

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 4: Youth Finder cross over stories

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*Back in Dreamland, Tiff and Tuff are in the living room posting filers* Tiff: We still have to find Kirby, it's been 5 days now

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 4: Youth Finder

*Back in Dreamland, Tiff and Tuff are in the living room posting filers*

Tiff: We still have to find Kirby, it's been 5 days now

Tuff: Why? We've been posting 986 posters around Cappy Town! Can we still find Kirby tomorrow?

Tiff: Tuff! This is an emergency! We got to find Kirby!

Tuff: Okay!

*Tuff rushes outside, meanwhile back at the castle*

Dedede: (Laughs) Man, Wish I knew Kirby wouldn't be here!

Escargoon: Why not your majesty? I can't seem to find Kirby anywhere

Dedede: Oh really? Then I'll bet he ran away. (Laughs)

Escargoon: You think so? (Walks out)

*At Cappy town, all the residents are talking about Kirby's mysterious disappearance*

Cappy resident #1: Has anyone seen Kirby? I haven't see him since a few days ago

Cappy resident #2: No, I have not

Cappy resident #3: Maybe he went out on vacation or something

Tuff: Hey! Have you seen Kirby?

Cappies: Nope

Tuff: Okay thank you (Rushes off)

*King Dedede and Escargoon arrived at Cappytown with their vehicle*

Dedede: Hey! What's going on here?!

Mabel: We can't find Kirby, he's gone!

Escargoon: We heard about that. Perhaps maybe he has disappeared or something

Mabel: He can't just disappear, he must be somewhere

Kawasaki: Besides, he's been missing for days now

Mabel: I hope so

*At Kabu's fortress, Tiff enters inside, only to find Meta Knight inside*

Tiff: Meta Knight

Meta Knight: What is it Tiff?

Tiff: I can't find Kirby, he's nowhere to be found!

Meta Knight: Then where is Kirby?

Tiff: I don't really know. I can't seem to find him. For all I know, he maybe got transported

Meta Knight: By what?

Tiff: It's some kind of treasure chest that he find, and when he opened it...he was...gone...just...gone

Meta Knight: I'll report to the king right away

*Meta Knight rushes to the castle, withless Tiff rushing back to Cappy Town*

King Dedede: (Sees Meta Knight on the entrance) Yo Meta Knight, what do you want?

Meta Knight: Can you sent in the Waddle Dees?

King Dedede: For what?

Meta Knight: To find Kirby

Dedede: Roger! (On the Megaphone) Yo Waddle Doo! Code Pink!

Waddle Doo: (Raises his sword) Waddle Dees, two arms!

*All the Waddle Dees began preparing and packing. Until then, they hop aboard their selected helicopters*

Tiff: You sure this is gonna work?

Escargoon: Absolutely! They'll search in every country and in every city, until boom! They'll find Kirby!

Tuff: You sure about that?

Escargoon: Of course! Waddle Dees! Hustle!

*The Waddle Dees took off into the sky*

Dedede: Good luck finding Kirby!

Tuff: Come on Tiff, it's nearly dinner time (Walks back to the castle)

Tiff: Oh Kirby...coming! (Follows Tuff)

Meta Knight: Kirby...if you're still alive, give us a message...if you could (Walks away)


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