Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 10: You're From Home

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 10: You're From Home comedy stories

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Kirby takes his friends to his hometown (It's in reality, not an actual trip)

Yolo World - Ch. 1 Ep. 10: You're From Home

*Kirby is in his room, eating a snack*

Kirby: Alright, time to go through my backpack (feels something) Huh? (Grabs a bag) What's this? (Opens it to reveal bottles of rainbow-like milk.

Squeals and rushes down the living room) Guys! I brought some dream potions from home and didn't even know!

Luz: Say what?

Kirby: Tell you what, why don't you invite your friends over and I'll give them a surprise

Luz: Umm...sure

*Willow, Gus, and Amity entered the house*

Amity: So, what's this about?

Kirby: Take a look, at this! (Holds out an rainbow potion)

Willow: A rainbow potion?

Kirby: Yes, it's a rainbow potion. I want each of you, to drink one of these

Willow: Okay...

Kirby: Okay, here goes

*The group drinks a bottle*

Luz: Huh? I don't feel anything

Kirby: But you'll feel very- (Gets tired and falls asleep)

Willow: Kirby? Kirby? Hello?

Gus: Goodnight (Falls asleep)

Luz: I don't know...(Falls asleep)

*The rest of the group falls asleep. In their dream, the group is being blasted into the sky*

Gus: Help me!

*The group lands onto a field of grass*

Luz: Uh...where are we?

Kirby: Welcome, to Dream Land

Willow: (Gasps in excitement) Woah!

Gus: OMG! This is amazing!

Kirby: And best of all, I'm showing you my home town!

Luz: Really?

Kirby: Come here!

*The group follows Kirby, and leads them to Cappy Town*

Kirby: Welcome to Cappy Town!

Amity: Woah! No way!

Willow: It's like a little village! (A cappy passes her) Ahh!

Kirby: Relax, they can't see us or hear us

Gus: (Gasps) So, we're like virtuals?

Kirby: Yep

Gus: So they won't feel this? (Punches a cappy)

Kirby: No

Gus: Or this? (Kicks a cappy)

Kirby: Not at all

Gus: (Imitates a cappy) Do-do-do

Kirby: Don't embarrass yourself Gus, I can still see you

Gus: So this is where Cappies come from?

Kirby: Where do you think?

Luz: Well, Eda told me that (Whispers in Kirby ear)

Kirby: Huh? What? No, no, no. No! That's gross!

Luz: Yeah, it didn't sound right to be either. I can't believe I didn't know about this place

Amity: Hey who's that? (Chief Bookem is patroling the border)

Kirby: That is the police chief. Chief Bookem

*The group enters a restaurant*

Kirby: This is chef Kawasaki's restaurant. He makes the best chinese food

Luz: Woah. Man these noodles are really sweet! And also very delicious!

Kirby: Don't get attracted over food, we still have go one more place. The one I haven't been to yet

*The group heads to a castle*

Kirby: And here's my friends home. The castle

Luz: Wow!

Willow: It's huge!

Amity: Wonder if your friends are in there

Kirby: I would...but, anyway, let's go!

*The group enters the castle, and from there they see that it's empty*

Luz: Umm...why is it empty?

Kirby: Because this castle is overrun with Waddle Dees. Orange servants by the King

Amity: Does the king owed this place?

Kirby: Of course, my friends even live here

Gus: What happens when the Waddle Dee things, grow up?

Kirby: Well, then they'll likely work for the king forever

Willow: Sounds...kinda weird, but wow.

*Escargoon passes by with Sir Embrum and Lady Like*

Escargoon: We have urgency! We sent those Waddle Dees all over the world to search for him. Hot Land, Snow Land, Space Land, all those places!

Lady Like: I don't know...

Escargoon: Silence! Waddle Dees should be back with Kirby in two months, if not, then they're gone! Fired! Retired!

Kirby: Okay, tour's over! Wake up! WAKE UP!

*Back at the Owl House, Kirby wakes up the group*

Luz: AHH! (Panting) What was that snail screaming about?

Kirby: Escargoon, is demanding the Waddle Dees to search for me. It's only two months left. And I got nothing!

Amity: Oh no!

Luz: Kirby, I promise this. We'll find a way to get you home, and we'll see

Kirby: Thanks you guys

Gus: Say, you guys wanna go to Hexside and check out those Banshee Books?

Luz: Heck yeah!

Kirby: I'm in!

*The group heads outside*


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