Orientation Part 2 The Human Species
Orientation Part 2 The Human Species poetry stories

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Before we are born, we receive an orientation in the pre-world. This is that orientation.

Orientation Part 2 The Human Species

As you grow in your bodies, you will discover that you are surrounded by countless species, each one more fascinating and beautiful than the next.

All this diversity in one place, so much life, and all of it so perfectly designed for the planet where you all co-exist.

All of you here will be joining the human species in this lifetime. They are one of the most fascinating species on the planet.

But, they are also relatively young, and in the early stages of evolution.

Many members of the human species have attempted to spread the truth of existence.

They would speak of peace and love in the language of the people, in the context of the time, and often in parables and metaphors.

For some, the message was absorbed. For others, they'd argue about the message, splitting it up into such fine analysis, the simple truth became complicated.

But right now, all of you stand before me as radiant beams of light energy. You have chosen to hide your divine self in an Earthly body. Then, once you are born, the game begins.

You open your eyes to see a new world and existence all around you.

All the theories become reality. You touch, you feel, you cry, you grow. And as you grow you seek to find the answers to those eternal questions.

Who am I? What am I doing here? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do? What happens when I die?

As I mentioned, once your life on Earth begins, many of you will start forgetting this place, who you truly are, and why you have chosen to take birth in the physical form.

Some of you will remember. However, it will be difficult to communicate what you know to the beings who will care for you.

As each moment goes by, you in fact will be taught by many around you what the purpose of life is. Or, more accurately put, you will be taught what they believe the purpose of life to be.

And you will be expected to follow it.

When you arrive in your Earthly forms, survival will be your top priority. Some of you will have a great deal of help in your early time.

Some of you will resist that help and some will embrace it.

Some will arrive in ease, you'll live in ease, and you'll leave your body in ease.

Many in your situation experience so much ease, you forget where you are, where you're from, and you completely forget to wake up.

For some of you, survival will not be something you take for granted. It will become the goal instead of a reminder of your goal. Which is to remember who you are, as you are, right now.

Soon after being born, you will find that habits and preferences begin to surface.

There are habits, preferences, and even knowledge and wisdom that you've carried with you from lifetime to lifetime.

There is no obligation to hold onto any of these.

For this time here in the pre-world, you have the opportunity to choose what you'd like to take with you in your lifetime and what you'd like to leave here.

Even when you are in your bodies, you'll always have the choice of what aspects of yourself you want to keep what you want to let go of when it no longer suits you.

You are also free to learn new things, and even re-awaken old aspects as they become relevant in your life.

In general, you are free to make choices as you see fit.

However, this is a good opportunity to let you know that making choices that align with who you are will be easier for some more than others.

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